One of My Biggest Fears - Fake Gun Prank

This is one of my biggest fears since I started carrying. Hypothetically, if someone had responded to this man in self-defense, I believe the law would be on the side of the lawfully armed citizen (from what I understand of the law). However, you never know with a jury and recent cases in the headlines prove that point. Additionally, no one wants to live knowing they killed someone who was not a real threat. I believe in the concept of FAFO and it definitely would apply here, but still.

I also wonder what this speaks to about the ubiquity of concealed carry. Since I have been carrying for just over a year now, the topic is so common to me and I have many friends who do the same. However, this prankster clearly did not consider the fact that someone in that store might be carrying and could use deadly force against him if he pulled out a gun in public. Do other people really not understand that there are lawfully armed citizens out there? Or is this person uniquely stupid? Okay, well, clearly the latter but you get what I mean.


I really can’t tell what is going on in that video. I would have been taking myself and anyone I was with out of that situation before any weapons were pulled.

Now if someone starts pointing what looks like a real weapon towards me, my family or another clearly innocent person in a clearly threatening manner then things could get interesting.

Moral of the story is don’t get stupid ideas from watching stupid people do stupid things on tik tok.


There probably weren’t very many people in a position to potentially take a shot(s) even if they had a gun. No shots fired, and either way you’d have to visually identify who the person with the gun is and be in position to get a shot. If you didn’t start really close to him, you’d be able to get the hell out or just get away and seek cover/concealment…

…I think pretty much anywhere you go, chances are the, what, 5-10 people, who might be in position to shoot him as he pulls the gun…aren’t going to be carrying.

I believe (can’t know) that most people who are licensed rarely carry, and even those who carry ‘all the time’, often don’t.

So I’d wager his odds of being shot to be relatively low.

But…it’s on video. Pretty sure he was already arrested and charged and easy to convict


I would hate to think I shot someone who had a fake gun.The problem is how realistic they have become.How does one know for sure the gun is real or not? If you’re wrong you may be dead.


Whenever I see stuff like this, my go to response is, “What did we learn? Nothing we didn’t already know.”


Agreed. I know I am taking this a little far but I don’t even want to own any Airsoft guns. They look so real and I would never want to mix up a real gun with a fake one.


Real gun or fake gun… as long as I’m not able to recognize it… it is a threat. I won’t hesitate.
If somebody is playing stupid game, may pay stupid price.

The situation from that video is messy, it’s not clear what is going on. Even if somebody pulled the gun… hard to tell what to do. The worst what could happened - everyone pulls their guns and start shooting. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do you remember El Ranchito taqueria robbery and shooting in southwest Houston? Fake gun, real death.
That’s how it ends.




I would leave there with whoever I was with and whoever wanted to get out of there. And I would do it with my sidearm holstered but ready. … As for the fake stuff… you would have to be a fool to do something like that.


You can’t fix stupid.


All true. No matter what his intentions were, he was a danger to that Walmart. He clearly created a mass panic and people could have gotten hurt. Just hate to see stupidity put people’s life on the line but that’s just the way it is.


If this is the reported event that I read about, the person got what he wanted. As it is 5 years ago (if it is the event I read about) and we are still talking about it.

That being said, I would do what it takes to protect my family and myself. Like it is said ‘play stupid games, get stupid prizes.’


It’s also dammed stupid to walk down the center of the railroad tracks, and people do it all the time, and many get hammered from behind by a train. Some poor engineer has to live his life knowing he was in charge of the train that sent that idiot to the great beyond. It wasn’t the engineer’s fault that someone was that stupid, it was the idiot on the tracks.

Do stupid stuff, pay the price.


Certainly, there are lots of folks suffering from a case of dumbshititis that may prove fatal (hopefully before they reproduce), but shooting someone with a fake or toy firearm is not something I would want to live with. In my view, this is when “speed kills.” Drawing a firearm and pointing in quickly is part of the process, but including some thinking time before one pulls a trigger is equally, if not more important. Shooting someone should a considered deliberate act, not a speed contest.


I consciously play a scenario in my mind when I’m at work where I feel most vulnerable.

I’ve made up my mind that numero uno for me is avoidance, get out of where “X” might be
EXCEPT when I hear gunfire and/or see blood,
most likely within 20 yards* of me.
clear evidence that would remove reasonable doubt.

This would mean a situation where I’m the first responder, not the victim (yet).

*why? Beyond 20 yards—15 yards even, I probably have opportunity to hide.
(Note to self: I am not a cop).
Not my circus, not my clown.


You all remember this???

Good guy shoots a bad guy because of fake gun - Good Guy With a Gun - USCCA Community (


Nope… so far only me… :wink:


In the situation depicted in the video. What would a “Reasonable Person” believe? Yelling “Go ahead and shoot me” carrying a gun, maybe real maybe fake? Along with, I don’t have to wait to get injured to stop a threat. Could have gone really really wrong.


This video was used in my CCW renewel class two months ago. The instructor, a former prosecutor in California from a very restrictive county, stated he would not have prosecuted the shooter. He also stated the person was clear of charges in the jurisdiction where the shooting happened.

Apparently, words and actions, by suspect, were not picked up by video?


Good to know. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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