Another parking lot shooting

The guy doing the shooting is a loon, obviously, but hasn’t team blue created this pumped up fear?


Posted on June 12:

Incorrect reporting by CNN
He wasn’t there to surveil the store
He was reportedly picking up his kid from Karate
saw the Airsoft gun (whatever) and became a Murderer.
Dumba** never should have passed a psyche eval. ($300+)
Never should have owned his own Security Company.
Had a previous incident where he misread the signs
(should have set off the alarms)
He was a Guard NOT A COP! Unless DIRECTLY INVOLVED, ET phone home!
Call it in, gather info, and report We’re NOT Cops!
If you have to defend yourself, your family do so like you are the third
monkey getting your seat on the Ark! Fight like the Hellish Warrior you are!

Just don’t go looking for trouble, something that isn’t your fight.
Time will come when it will be Be ready to answer that call.
My opinion only.
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


Not trying to make this about me. I look for peace and when the peace isn’t there is when I am alerted and ready for action.

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Hey Robert,
But in Reality I pray for Trumps safety , my Body Armor
and my Guns don’t ever malfunction.

Pray for Peace and pass the ammunition!
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


This is what we call in the business…”trigger happy”.
I have no doubt the kids were up to no good, but Capt. America, was an idiot. What if they were real guns? Could have gotten messy.
I carry to save myself or my wife NO ONE ELSE.


I Agree Scott 100%
Had the Dead kid not complied w/ Barney Fife completely
Had the kid not backed away hands up away from the weapon
No Trouble, No Threat, No weapon, No problem, NO SHOOT!
Officer Krupky WANTED to kill someone, he picked this kid!

If it ain’t yer fight I don’t put in my Quarters.
If it’s a Mall, Church, Baseball game, Kroger’s shooting Innocents @ risk and dyin’
I ante up! Game on. It depends on the circumstances.


I agree with this statement, with the caveat of an obvious mass shooting event.

If I am present and the shooter has no obvious target just shooting anything that moves, I will, given the opportunity engage….


I feel ya.

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I also consider this a good lesson.
Concealed MEANS concealed!
Another good reason to thoroughly scan an area!
I must look weird these days.
I don’t exit a premises without first doing a light, slow scan.
Exact same way we were taught to cross the street, looking both ways prior to stepping off the curb. Now that I mention it, I should probably be doing the same prior to entering a location!


Considering EVERYTHING I’ve seen, I have second thoughts.
If I’m in the “theater” ( of operations ) I’ll probably engage. If I’m outside the building, I’m already safe. I’m not law enforcement, I’m no hero.
I’m just your average citizen who likes going home.
If the shots are ringing in my ears, I’ll take appropriate action.
Which could include first aid, assistance in evasion, communications or if extremely necessary drawing my firearm.


Totally agree!

If I had been in the parking lot of the Kroger in Boulder where that shooting started, I’d have been 50/50 on engagement.

If I’d have been inside the store, without a doubt!

Same for the Aurora theater, in the lobby or outside, I’m out!

But if I am in the theater where rounds are flying, it’s on like donkey Kong.

As Don said;


I also scan left to right upon entering. Checking the facility, exits and people.


Have not and will not ever visit the theater or anyplace with a crowd! Even my grocery shopping is timed to limit the amount of contact I have with large amounts of people! Paranoid, nope, crap never happens on a schedule, avoidance!


I have the perfect spot @ work. Right in the middle
of the store, views of (3) sets of entrance double doors
and large picture windows of the civilian pumps.
Neck hurts from swivilin’ after (8) hours.
We don’t sell Beer or Hootch (a Blessing)
That takes Danger Close down 20-30%

Speaking off Gotta run (4) a.m. start!