DA/SA Fans?

Due to the coronavirus I have fell back in love with my classic P series Sig, been carrying it again for the last two weeks. I expect to continue to carry it for the foreseeable future. Any others DA/SA fans out there?


Actually I prefer SAO 1911 handguns… but besides that any other pistol is DA/SA with safety lever.

BTW: speaking about SIG… whenever I’ll buy one it’s gonna be P229 SAO Legion. :star_struck:


If you get a chance, try the sig p226sao legion. Our Holy grail …da sa. Not a fan, but lots of folks like, and it is wonderful we have many choices…


Recently shot a friends 226 Legiin SAO and man oh man was it nice. I’d like to have one for the range and my wife and I have talked about it, but for EDC I prefer DA/SA. I’ve trained with it for many years before moving into the striker fired world and continued to train on them so moving back isn’t a big issue. I like having a decocker personally. All those years without using a safety I just don’t think I’d want to have to retrain, but for range time I love SAO.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know, I know…
For me full size pistol - 1911 only… all other I’m using are compact size.


I have a Sig SP2022. I call it Ace because it was my handgun purchase. It has been extremely reliable over the years. I would say that I’m a fan of that particular DA/SA pistol but I have nothing else for comparison. I was somewhat interested in the Springfield XDE but I have other firearms I’m more interested in acquiring right now. :v:t5:

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I really like my DA/SA on my FN-FNX Tactical. It would def. Be an EDC gun except it costs to much and I have had to much work done it to want to argue the QOL adjustments that made it into the heat speaking, flame throwing, missile shooting, ar14 w/a 100round clip, weapon of war it now is.

I know my wife likes the e double action/single action Ruger .45 she uses.


My first DA/SA was a CZ-75 some 20 years ago. Shot that gun a lot, and did a lot of mods too. Also have a P-07. Then purchased the M9-A1 and used for competition; great gun. Last one was a PX4 just for giggles last year. Had quite a bit of fun with that one too.

I have carried all of them at one time or another. Might get me a Langdon PX4 Compact Carry next. Or maybe one of the Wilson 92-A1’s… or??


Sig M11-A1 and P224 both DA/SA here !


I agree with @Zavier_D, I like my FNP-40 DA/SA. When loaded or carried it is decocked and safety off.

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I911 style SA will always be my love, I have carried and liked others but I always go back. :+1:

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M11-A1 is my next planned purchase. Always wanted one

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I’m a fan of the 92’s, old S&W DA/SA, HK DA/SA, and Sig DA/SA guns. Unfortunately, I am not happy with my FNX9 DA/SA. IMO, the trigger breaks pretty far back, the shape of the trigger keeps moving my trigger finger too low for subsequent shots (maybe it’s the overtravel), and it takes much more conscious effort from me for an accurate DA shot than the others I’ve listed. YMMV.

It’s too bad, as the FNX9 on paper was exactly what I was looking for, and I want to love it. I will revisit it after this pandemic lockdown is lifted.

Just out of curiosity, how do people practice with their DA/SA pistols? I usually use both the decocker and safety every 3-5 shots (and go back to the ready position every interval). I will also practice a single DA shot over and over if my DA shots aren’t hitting the same spot as my SA in my strings. This is most common on my FNX9.

I really prefer DA/SA. The favorites that I own are all CZs.


I had an Italian Berreta 92 back before the military contracted with them–sold it. I have a Sig 220. Gonna give it to my son. I prefer either SA or striker fired. I like the consistent trigger pull.


I grew up on 1911’s and still carry them today but when it comes to hi-cap pistols I love me some EAA Witness, M-11 (226) Sig, MK23 (HK USP ish) and even the M-9 (92F).

My wife of 30 years has finally gotten the idea in her head that she wants a gun of her own TO CARRY!!! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

We went yesterday to the local gun monger and “tried on” some pistols. Her whole perspective changed as to what she liked and didn’t like in a matter of 20 min. I was a good Hubby and kept both hands in my pockets and my mouth shut. I only asked “How does it feel?” and “Can you rack the slide?”

I think my “Big Boy” hand guns are going to get a once over in the near future. I don’t own any compacts or sub compacts other than a stainless 1911 Colt Officers model.




I prefer DA/SA as well. My edc is a CZ P07. I find that I like the added safety of a heavy first trigger pull.


I have a few striker fired pistols BUT I just purchased a Sig p225 A1 and have rediscovered the hammer fired guns, a bit larger to conceal but doable I am now looking for a CZ P-01. DO/SA with a decocker is the way to go heavy first trigger pull and single action after that, safe way to carry with a round in the camber.


Had a P-07 and ended up selling it. I’ve missed it ever since. Great guns!


I love DA/SA, unfortunately it’s just on my plinker, my GSG Firefly. 14 lb initial pull is brutal, but 4 lb pulls after that are wonderful. Love the setup. Unfortunately it’s on a .22, so not a good EDC option.

My primary EDC is a DAO SCCY. I love the simplicity (no safety), size, and ergonomics, but the DAO trigger takes lots of practice to become proficient at. 2,500+ rounds, I can take care of business with it.