Striker Fired vs. SA/DA


So there’s been several guns that I’ve thought about getting that are either striker fired or DA/SA (i.e. P229, 1911, etc.).
Now I’ve heard that striker fired is better than SA/DA but I wanted to hear some of your guys’ opinions. Is this just preference as to what type of action a person who carries wants or does it go further? Further to the point where it could impact the functionality of the gun that you’re carrying?


First, there are a few trigger action types. sa (single action), da (double action), da/sa (double action and, single action), precocked double action (commonly used in striker fire) and, there are other subtle variations.

To get the basics. In single action the hammer is cocked and, the trigger serves the singular action of dropping the hammer. In double action the trigger first cocks the hammer then drops it. In double/single action the first trigger pull is in double action and, then consecutive follow up shots are in single action. The most common striker fire action is when the striker is held at half cock after chambering a round then the trigger serves the functions of finish cocking and, firing.

As for which trigger action is better, it’s all personal preference.

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Ok. I knew how single action and double action worked so well as DA/SA. But that insight on what a striker fired was was new. Thank you.
And I figured it had to do with preference. So much in carrying seems to be based on preference.


Yeah, personal preference is a determining factor in most, if not all gear selection. My personal preference for trigger action is da/sa because, even though I like a good single action trigger I also prefer to carry a good double action instead of a gun with a manual safety. With a good da/sa I get everything I want in one package.

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That’s true. I don’t mind a manual safety so much like you find on a 1911. That’s easy to operate. I just don’t like the tiny safeties like you find on a Security 9


The best way to figure out which is best. Is to see which is best for you. Go to a range where you can rent or practice with each one. A weapon should always be an extension of you. It must be as comfortable as your own hand. They all get the job done it just depends on you your safety level with them and what you need it for.


Exactly right. Try before you buy. One person’s perfect may be another’s nightmare. My favorite pistol in the world is my Walther PPQ. But I carry a Glock 19 or a Sig 320. Mainly because I’m more accurate with both of them than I am with the PPQ. I won’t carry a firearm with a manual safety, and I don’t like DA/SA firearms for carry purposes. In a high pressure life/death situation I want to draw and shoot. I want my focus to be on my target and surroundings, and not manipulation of hammers, safeties, etc. But those are my preferences and some people may feel otherwise. The main point is to find what works for you, train with it, and carry it.


You can’t wrong with A Sig P229. I love mine and have the Legion. I bought the P226 Legion for my hubby. I prefer the DA/SA over the manual safety on my P938. The safety is the trigger. Keep your finger off of it and the gun will not go off.

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Right. I love my XDS but not so much my Security 9.
So I was looking at possibly replacing it with a different compact. Which caused me to start searching.
Speaking of which, I briefly (very briefly) thought of buying another XDS for a BUG to carry on my ankle. But since I’ve only shot the 4" version I was wondering if I’d need to shoot the current, regular model with the 3.3" barrel before I bought that. Or would I not have to since I own the same gun but a different barrel length?
(That last question was a general question to people)


Hey @luke_ouellette, have you ever considered a Walther P99as compact? In 9mm it’s a 10 round da/sa and, it’s striker fire. It’s one of my favorites and, I recommend checking them out to anyone that has an opportunity to.


I haven’t looked into Walther much. But I’ll be sure to consider it as a gun to have for a compact.


They also make a full size version that holds 15 in the mag and, the full size mags can be used in the compacts. They even make grip sleeves for sliding on to a full size mag for when it’s used in a compact. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but, so far just about everyone that has tried mine enjoys it.


Good to know. I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time I’m able to buy another compact.