What is your favorite trigger action for carry?


Greetings everyone, curiosity has stuck again.

I am curious about what is your favorite trigger action for carry. Striker fire does not count (unless you don’t know how your gun operates) as it is the method of ignition and, not the trigger action.

There is nothing wrong with not knowing how your gun operates. After all, not everyone is that curious.

For those that believe that striker fire is trigger action consider this. Glock uses the most common (Pre-set) trigger action which is most commonly refered to as striker fire and, the Walther P99 AS is also striker fire but, the trigger action is completely different from that of Glock.

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I prefer the preset trigger you find in glocks, consistent and predictable trigger pull


I prefer the Glock/M&P type triggers for carry.


I prefer a good day/sa with a decocker and, drop a safety.


I just want to learn.


Glocks are great, FNs are great too, both the DA/SA and striker.

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Got to shoot 3 Glocks today. 19, 23 and a 43. My friend let me shoot all of them. I would have fired a 42 but he forgot to bring the rounds for it. I really liked the 43 for a small handgun. The .40 was great too, but I think he had some trigger work done to it to make it lighter.

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Double action, only exception is my 1911 carried full cocked single action with alide safety on.

All guns carried have their safety on if applicable all of mine are SA/DA with exception to my 1911 and backpack Rough Rider .22wmr

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I sort of broke my own rule and installed a Ghost 3.5 connector and trigger spring kit to smooth up the pull on my Glock 30 recently. I’m not a fan of super light triggers on a carry pistol, but i stayed with a carry compatible connector that didn’t make the pull super light, just smoothed it up a bit. My goal was just to improve on the time it takes me to double tap a target and still keep my accuracy. That type of trigger will never match my 1911, but two very different triggers with different purposes, the 1911 is my target/race gun while my Glock is my carry weapon.

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I’ll take a da/sa with decock or same except with cocked and locked capability. I own one of each. Or if my choice becomes revolver the da/sa rules.

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