D&L .45 acp gsp


good read. thanks


" The tendency of 230-gr. FMJ ball to over penetrate was acknowledged, as was the lack of consistent expansion from JHP and JSP bullets at .45 ACP velocities."

I would like to throw out there that, with proper JHP selection, this is not a concern.

Federal HST expands very reliably, and is well proven, being used my law enforcement agencies in all kinds of calibers/weights for a very long time now.

Federal HST 230gr would be my choice for a .45 ACP in self defense, though the Gold Dot 230gr is probably a pretty darn good choice as well.

It’s been awhile since we had problems with premium JHP reliably expanding

Results: Penetration 15-16" and expansion 0.90"+ which are both pretty typical results for it

Has the round discussed in the original article been put through ballistics gel testing? I see excessive penetration of like 22"+ reported in the article…this makes me think it doesn’t expand…especially since expansion is conspicuously not mentioned…just sayin


Just got the Gold Dots for my .357 and a box for the 10 mm can’t wait to get them to the range or the back yard if I can’t wait that long.