CV, What 3 things do you miss the most?

I always tend to do my best thinking in the shower and today was no different.

#3 Being able to go to taco bell for lunch, get my 4 crunchy supreme’s with extra beef, throw away the shell and just it the guts. (I’m on Keto remember), And, sit there and have my 3 or 4 free refills of Diet Dr. Pepper!

#2 Even prior to the CV thing, being able to go into Costco or a grocery store and buy whatever and however much of what I want. Even prior to the CV I would marvel at all the stuff in Costco. We’ve traveled a bit around the world and there is NO PLACE like America when it comes to shopping!

#1 We miss church and our friends there so much!


Honestly , not much. I am alot more stressed, due to what ifs and my daughter completely not getting what social distancing is, and worrying about her.

But my wife is home all the time. I can still train my dog. I am hating that I can’t get the puppers I was going to get, so I can start training them and getting to know them


#1 - all kind of social life -> Church, friends, restaurants

  • Church and friends: still have contact over Skype
  • restaurants - none for 6 weeks

#2 - activity -> my every week soccer games

  • non for 6 weeks

#3 - shooting my 9mm

  • 0.177 a my basement only

#1 Track days

#2 Hanging out with friends/coworkers over a meal AT a restaurant or having them over

#3 Range time


I’m perfectly comfy at home with the wife, but I miss being young enough and fearless enough to have track days…


Awesome sauce. Those were great bikes! I’ve still got some good years left in me.


Your dinky pic looks like you’re pushing the front pretty had in the turn. I assume you stayed upright after it was taken. What bikes have you had on track? If you want to divulge…

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For sure, if you’ve lived abroad, America is definitely the land of convenience.


This is pushing hard in a turn. Absolutely worth a view (off topic from firearms!)
Marquez magic

Yea, that pic if of me sliding a front Michelin I was trying. I was lucky and made the save…thanks to training (on topic again?)!


Yep. That’s what the knees pads are for. I’ve seen plenty of riders launched not saving what Marquez got away with. Ouch.

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Being able to grocery shop on off hours, during the week, late at night. My Costco trips were done 20 minutes before closing on a weeknight. Now I have to go on a weekend during the day. Far lower than normal people so that helps mitigate it some.

My shooting competitions (only a few missed so far). This is where I have my friendly interactions.

Not much else, really. It is still winter here. I can still do my mountain biking and hiking like usual; still walking the dogs. I have worked from home for 20+ years, so no change there. I am far far more stressed due to work is far busier than normal. I used to do 9 hour days 5 days a week with some off hours stuff. The last 2 weeks has been 15 and 20+ hour days, 7 days a week. Disasters abound.

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The great outdoors.

Cheap ammo

Lots of guns/parts available and normal prices.


My life is not actually that different. I work in a pharmacy, so I am fortunate enough to enjoy full time employment. I lead song service at church, so even though we’re stuck with livestreaming, I still get to go.

I mostly miss being able to talk face to face with my friends and customers. It would also be really nice if I was able to shoot my guns.

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My daughter is missing her Senior year… :cry:

  • Softball (she was All-State her junior year)
  • Prom (we already bought the dress…:roll_eyes:)
  • possibly graduation ( she’s Valedictorian)
  • her senior year with friends …:confused:

My son is missing his first year as a college baseball coach. They were doing really well before their season was cancelled.

In Illinois, the ISRA had to cancel the IGOLD rally at the State Capital. So many events cancelled…
I hope this is all for the “health and safety of the country” and not a bunch of BS. And I hope things get back to normal again soon.


Fauci said early on, if we do this right, it’ll all seem like an over reaction; if we do it wrong, it’ll be a catastrophy.


I feel for you man.

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  1. Church … in church.
  2. Cheap ammo.
  3. Toilet paper.

Shooting with my daughter.
Having a brew at the pub, food as well.
Being able to buy anything at the store! I couldn’t get dish soap the other day…or dishwasher tabs.


Here is my list, in no particular order!
Church, along with all of the activities that are normally going on. It is probably #1!

Saturday mornings with my brother (chosen, not blood) at Panera. We have been getting together since 1996. This is the longest we have gone without our Saturday morning but we did catch up for a brief chat last Saturday after picking up orders at the drive-through.

Court. It not only pays the bills but there is camaraderie with other attorneys and a lot of LEOs that I know along with clients who are interesting, to say the least.


After a few pastoral changes at our church I left and only go a few times a year. Since all of this has taken place, I have been at “digital” church every Sunday. I actually prefer it this way. We use Zoom and break into small groups after and I have gotten to know more people a little better than in person. It’s random as well.