There goes my sanity

So I work from home in case you didn’t know. I walk my dogs 3 of 4 walks per day. I don’t drive much at all! Going to the club was my sanity as was going to the brew pub for brunch on Saturdays.
NY has closed everything so while we can get brunch to go… it’s not the same.

Now our 24 hour key card access club has closed. It’s driving my daughter and I crazy!!! We love shooting together and it’s only 5 miles from home.

My family is driving me nuts being around all of the time. Kids are off of school, wife is working from home. I have no escape.

I’m going to make arrangements with one of my employees to go shoot on their land so we can get out. We can shoot from the barn so the weather doesn’t really matter but it’s 40 minutes from home.

The flip side is the highway is very quiet. I’m .7 miles from it and it was quiet at 4pm on a Saturday!

This has got to end soon. It’s still to cold to go for a bike ride.


Brah!!! You have the perfect scenario!!! Bring a camp stove to the farm and MAKE brunch and shoot. I’m an hour + from either one of my private ranges. Gas is cheap my friend, burn it.




If I go, they will all tag along!

I’m gathering my warm riding gear so I can head out on my e-bike and get away.


The same I;ve been doing sense Nov.Take care of my wife.She is bed fast.Look for the funny and good things,and horde my supply of tp.