Crossing the Can. Border

I’m driving to Canada in August & I have my NC Conceal Carry permit, what do I need to do to cross the border with a hand gun. Thks Terry


Welcome aboard! Just when you thought you’d get a straight answer, the hyperbolic master is here to help!
Ok! Ditch the car, camouflage yourself, run to the nearest fence line that’s not protected. Cut, dig or jump over said fence, run like hell, when caught, claim asylum, demand five star hotel lodging, food of your choice/culture/religion. Demand newest iPhone, free healthcare, childcare services and finally, overrun law enforcement violently if necessary. Flip off the cameras as you see fit. Enter country enjoy your new life!
Heck, I’m thinking of crossing the Mexican border just so I can upgrade my iPhone!


Canada is a foreign land and very hostile to firearms. :roll_eyes:

Bringing a Firearm into Canada | ezbordercrossing

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It’s a foreign country so research some more.

Think I’ll go out to Alberta.
Weather’s good there in the fall.

But, now having second thoughts. It’s like someone saying they want to go to California, my home state.


@Terry205 Welcome to the community!


You’ll have to check but I’ll be surprised if you can.

Before getting that far, what states will you be going through? (cause states like New York are a no)


Welcome Terry205. I’m sure you’ll receive some good responses.

I think we know more about the US. states you’ll be venturing into than we do Canada. Sorry if I say anything you already know.

Two things come to mind: One is please check the laws of each U.S. state you might cross into regarding reciprocity.

Secondly: Canada has very strict, complicated and little known laws. I heard of some Americans even having their firearms confiscated at the border, never being returned to them. I could not emphasize enough - do not bring a firearm into Canada unless you are 100% sure they will allow you, down to the specific make, model, and magazine capacity if they even allow that.

I wish I could “carry” there. When I do visit there, I plan to study up first. Just not yet been able to book a trip there. I’m sure it’ll be fun even without carrying, either way.

Enjoy your safe trip.


And you want to go to Canada, why? Or cali or ny or il…


Hello an welcome @Terry205

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Quite a few years back I was going on a vacation to Canada. I was in U. S. Federal Law Enforcement at the time. When I reached the border and asked to declare, I showed my creds and advised the border officer that I was armed. He advised me that I could not bring the weapon into Canada. I was going to travel from East to West, entering at Detroit and exiting at Minnesota. I had to surrender my weapon and leave and return at Detroit. It was a pleasant vacation but could have been better. The Border Patrolman was an arrogant P__CK.


Ask the Canadians, otherwise I wouldn’t tempt fate. Think of Canada as being like California, but bigger and more communist. Also check with USCCA, if they don’t sell policies in Canada, there’s an excellent chance they won’t cover you there either.