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Hello- I will be dragging a travel trailer to Alaska this summer for a couple of months. I have a CCW for Colorado, and I know Alaska reciprocates, with conditions, but I will obviously need to traverse Canada. I have reached out to the Canadian Royale Mounties as to what I need to carry my weapon(s) through Canada. I plan to take a shotgun, a .357 and a .38 with me. Anyone have experience with the best way to proceed?


My guess is you will not be allowed to take a handgun into Canada at all.

But I look forward to finding out if I am wrong when they get back to you


Seeing as how Canada sucks now, @Nathan57 is probably right. I had a friend in western Canada that used to tell me how bad it was getting there…suddenly went silent sla few months ago…they probably banned phones too. That, they got murdered by a criminal with a gun, or they got scooped up for illegal firearms…no telling.


I’d look into this. Canada is not gun friendly, and I’d not plan on crossing Canadian territory at all. I’m to the point I don’t like the idea of leaving the US, and that’s too bad, because I used to love international travel.

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I am afraid you are sh…t out of luck if you want to carry handguns into and across Canada.


You can always ship those firearms using FFLs.
It’s extra cost, but less problematic than transporting firearms through Canada… :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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Canada banned handguns a couple years ago. C21 is still being fought in court, but the ban is still in effect. To put it plainly, do not bring your handguns through Canada.

Hello and welcome @Christopher476

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From the Royal Canadian Mounted Police site:

So with this exception * an individual is a non-resident of Canada, does not hold a firearms licence, is temporarily importing a handgun and makes the required declaration to a customs officer under Section 35 of the Firearms Act,
he would need to contact a Chief Firearms Officer
?Contact a Chief Firearms Officer | Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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The answer used to be you could transport rifles and handguns through Canada if you filled out the proper forms in the proper way, the firearms were legal to poses in Canada, you followed the transportation guidelines and you were transporting them for a purpose Canada deemed to be acceptable. Canada does not deem self defense as an acceptable reason to posses a firearm. Using one for self defense even if your life was in imminent danger from another human being would likely get you in a lot more trouble than the person who was attacking you would be in.

So transporting them through Canada to be used in AK for hunting and potentially target shooting would likely be OK but for self defense in AK would likely not.

But these rules may be in the process of changing and some of the provinces also have separate requirements now I believe. Not jumping through all the hoops properly can get you in a lot of trouble and at the very least cost you your firearms. So if it was me I would probably just do the transfer through an FFL in AK. But I’m curious to hear what the RCMP has to say about the current regulations.


the laws are there to protect the people who mean to do us harm. Shame