COVID-19 Zombie Apocalypse Plan

What’s your plan when (notice I didn’t say “if”) COVID-19 turns out to be the virus that starts a zombie situation? :joy::joy:


OK… That’s so funny…
First reaction: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:
However if it turns out to be Zombie Fun:

  1. read the instruction

  2. prepare your tools

  3. go hunting

  4. be prepare for night attacks

  5. wait for happy ending


The Rules from Zombieland

  1. Cardio–To escape a pursuing zombie you will need to out-run it, and this means being in good shape.
  2. Double Tap–When in doubt, don’t get stingy with your bullets.
  3. Beware of Bathrooms–You are at your most vulnerable while sitting on the toilet, so always take extra care.
  4. Buckle Up–You won’t be driving along easy roads anymore: with numerous things to avoid you need to be ready for a crash!
  5. Travel Light–While trying to get away from a mass of zombies, the last thing you want is to be heaving luggage around.
  6. Don’t Be A Hero–Possibly the most important rule of all. Don’t risk your own life just to make yourself look good.
  7. Limber Up–Before going into a zombie-infested area, you will need to prepare for the impending running by limbering up.
  8. When In Doubt, Always Know Your Way Out–You will always need to know the way out of every room of every building you enter, in case you are caught unaware.
  9. The Buddy System–You can’t always look in front of you and behind you at the same time
  10. Check The Back Seat–Before getting into the car and driving off, check the back seat for any hiding zombies.
  11. Enjoy The Little Things–As well as surviving all the zombies, you’ll also need to maintain a happy and sane state of mind by keeping positive.

Unspoken Rules
Don’t Scare Survivors
Bill Murry tried to scare Columbus and ended up getting shot in the chest, so in that case, never scare another survivor (especially if they have a gun) and especially don’t dress up as a zombie without informing ALL others you know about.
We always kid around the house about this.


What a fun movie, enjoyed the sequel too


I plan on using the world’s remaining supply of Post-It notes to put “Kick Me” signs on the back of every zombie I see :cowboy_hat_face: