The virus and Vacation

Lets say that you are going on vacation next week, going 3 states over. Are you concerned about the pandemic going on? Not as much the virus, but the people that are acting like it’s the end? I saw a picture a friend took of the local walmart toilet paper section. The whole isle was empty. It’s one thing in the comfort of your own home, what do you change for vacation?

What is your #1 concern with vacation and the pandemic?

  • The Virus
  • The lack of essential supplies
  • The panicking people

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How do you adjust for your concerns? (without canceling)

Well, judging from the toilet paper aisle, I’d say the biggest concern is number two.


The people. The panicking people, demonstrates a total lack of cognitive thinking. They can’t look at the numbers, and use actual common sense.


Pandemic means troubles only.
In these days we have to face few things the same time:

  1. virus by itself
  2. your and Family safety
  3. lack of supplies
  4. travel difficulties

What would be the reason for Vacation if I have to face the fear instead of joy?


Is it worth going right now? Is it a family obligation or for fun? If it’s for fun… I might postpone.

I have a coworker who is stuck in Italy for the next month… I’m not sure if I’d find that a bad thing :wink: I’m sure it’s got to be stressful. But if I’m going to be stuck somewhere, I can think of worse places than Italy.


Dawn the way they are restricting movement in Italy right now is akin to Marshall law. Curfews and no group movement above two. Groceries can remain open as long as three feet can be guaranteed between patrons. Don’t think it’d be fun.


FEMA is the only agency that can suspend civil rights.
This virus is no joke. Nor is a mob scared for their lives.


I talked it over with Nancy and we decided we would postpone until this is over. To many unknowns and this is just the beginning, don’t want to get stuck in in any quarantine zone or in a mass of panicked lemmings. :wink:


People who panic are a danger to themselves and all around them. Truthfully, I’ve never understood it, panic; a person who panics can’t think clearly or reasonably, so can’t even help theirself, much less someone else, out of a bad situation. I’ve been glad a few times I’m not one to react that way; God help those who do.


I would be mostly concerned about getting supplies. Watching people brawl over TP is pretty scary. Just think how they will respond to being hungry. I’m getting some reports of ‘panic’ food buying from friends in or near major metro areas such as south Fla, Hotlanta, NYC. However, even here, Tuscaloosa, stores seem to be lacking in some items. I’m not a real hard core prepper, but we can easily go a month and could do 3 without too big a deal. I’m getting too long in the tooth for a serious bug-out and understand that a serious home defense is a lost cause, so a few months is good enough for me. Watching all this should be a wake up call for people as to what to expect from a panicked and hungry public. We will use our beach place which is only 5 hours from home and probably some short trips in the motor home. Of course that could quickly change to no trips anywhere.


If you are talking about necessities, I really don’t see any disruption that takes longer than a few days. Not from coronavirus.
Hospital supplies, electronics, construction, etc. is a different business. This country spent 30 years shipping our manufacturing capability out. Don’t expect to recover quickly.
And yes, most danger is from the neighbors going feral the moment police becomes unresponsive.


Coincidentally guess what I am doing next week? I am more concerned about the 2nd and 3rd order effects, not the virus for the most part.

I have been trying to get my parents to cut their stay out of state short and get back home before they decide to shut down people moving around. Maybe it won’t happen, but we will find out.


I think many American’s didn’t start to ‘get it’ until one of 4 things happened–either they saw the market crash, they heard the president speak, they had all their schools/sports teams shut down, or Tom Hanks or some other famous person tested positive.
I worked in health care for the last 35 years. This is going to be a big deal–financially, medically, socially.
Right now they’re predicting a 1% mortality rate here. Italy is at 6.3% as of Wednesday.
Assuming the best (1%)–we’ve never had to deal with ~350K dead people in the US. This is not going to be something we skate through.
I think that our reliance on China for all things medical is simply terrifying. Our inability to adequately test for the virus is leading to more contagion–as an example–right now, health care workers who have been exposed (and potentially contagious) are not tested until they are symptomatic.
From my perspective, be smart and don’t panic. Prepare wisely, plan for the worst–plan on being infected and quarantined for at least a couple of weeks. Best case, it’s a mild illness and you’re good to go.
And while I’m concerned about being infected (asthma and chronic bronchitis are risk factors for complications), I’m more concerned about spreading it. So I’m staying home as much as I can, besides walking the dog.


From the eternal wonder of the plant and it’s beautiful yellow flowers, direct to my immune system! May the warmth of spring help slow this thing down.