Covid19 and Fear of Severe bodily injury or death

Saw this artical:

With others who intentionally cough and spit on people, goods, and such being arrested, charged with terrorism and what not from what I’ve heard…

At what point would or should you draw and if the person continues to try and infect (if they have it or not), do you use lethal force to protect yourself.

I look like a normal generally healthy person who would have good odds at having little to no issues if I were to catch Covid19 but I have underlying issues that would likely be prone to complications, a random person trying to Infect others would not know my underlying conditions.

I would want to get away from said person of course but this threat is not as easy to detect and you could easily be ambushed. If cornered and verbal commands fail, is that sufficient in this day and age to take the next step and draw in attempt that being at gun point would stop the attack. You could already be infected at the first attempt…


This is why LE train over and over in shoot/no-shoot scenarios. No one wants to shoot someone who at first appears to be a threat but who actually is mentally ill or just a dumb teenager looking for attention like we all used to do.

I can’t see myself shooting anyone over a virus. I have others ways to keep people off my lawn. There would have to be additional circumstances to make me jump in that shark tank.


Me thinks pepper spray might be in order here. If you carry lethal force you should carry a nonlethal option. :+1:


I think I’ll get some pepper spray for that reason… at least its something to try first.


Pepper spray is a great option, but please remember that it can be lethal in the right circumstances.

Anyone with a compromised respiratory system can have a fatal reaction to pepper spray. This includes innocent bystanders. This is why we can’t use pepper spray where i work. Not that we need it with the building closed right now…

It seems we’ve entered into the true zombie apocalypse.
Sick peoples “intentionally” trying to exert great bodily harm and or death.
By MEANS of deadly disease, MOTIVE some sort of sickness and clear OPPORTUNITY. Did I mention INTENT?
I’m no lawyer but disparity of force may come into play here, I have severe underlying conditions, obviously over sixty diabetic with lung problems and no other way to defend myself once infected. I will die.
The only caveat I see is, I don’t know for a FACT the the person is in fact Covid-19 positive or just sick, nor can I tell if you were HIV positive?

Let’s look at this from a new viewpoint. I’m an old mam, coughing and sneezing, obviously sick with Covid-19 intentionally spewing all over the fresh shiny apples, your five year old picks up said apple and licks it, she is the one who is most at risk due to severe asthma. Disparity of force? She will die!
At the very least, it’s negligent homicide, and still a homicide.
Great question though. And like I said I’m no lawyer. I’m isolated in my home to keep my family safe from the living zombies that are spitting on fresh fruits and vegetables in an effort to create death.
Is it inevitable that Covid-19 causes death, ask the Italians or New Yorkers, better yet ask the Chinese Government and The WHO!

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Dont know for sure if they are infected however upon appearance, they intend it to be seen as being infected.

Think of the LEO who is faced with a threat holding a gun, is it a real gun or is it a toy gun?


Also bear in mind that OC might take a few moments to react. Some people may become more violent when the burn hits. A small percentage of people have little to no reaction to it at all, especially the weaker stuff that they sell to us civilians. So you might spray someone perfectly but not get the reaction you hoped for. Always good to know your tools.

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I’ve been calling this a modern day apocalypse since it started.

I have pepper spray but have been told by my son in law (LE in Sacramento) that that stuff is useless against many homeless people. They have been hit with that stuff so much it doesn’t’ even phase them anymore. With them drugged up on serious stuff, it may take 2-3 magazine dumps to slow them down. (I recall the words of my CCW instructor who said that they had one guy take 19 9mm rounds before he stopped charging).