Could covid-19 be used to transition govt? 2a?

Covid-19= Wuhan virus= coronavirus
In the current climate,weapons purchases(guns) have gone sky high. National guard is called out ,the 2a naysayers are now the newest purchasers.

We now have a huge new population of gun owners who cannot even get the training they need in a lot of places now.

I spoke with a person yesterday who speculated we were on a slow road to martial law ( his personal fear)

Is covid-19 being used to transform our govt,were intelligence failures important in this. Are the new gun purchasers more likely to support the 2a now that they think they understand danger?

What’s your view? Sound off! Will the 2a and national reciprocity come out stronger or weaker after covid-19


If this doesn’t turn into a ZA. Once the fear wears off. It will be the same or worse.


It’s difficult to know how this is going to change us, but change us it will.

After 9/11, we had a brief time of unity - local, national and global. One might have thought we might see a new era of peace. That didn’t happen.

This is different because we don’t have localities where the deaths are occurring. There is no overt posture of getting along. The Democrats are even talking about impeaching our president again, this time for his lack of action earlier this year.

I suspect that the worst will be over long before this fall’s elections and that Trump could win by a large margin, lifting down-ticket Republicans.

One the other hand, the loss of life could be much worse, the economic and societal disruptions could linger into 2021. In that case, we could be facing a wholesale governmental transitioning to something that turns my blood cold. We’ll then end up with something like the worst scenarios played out in futuristic novels from the 1930s-1960s. At that point, I would expect the USA to fragment. Civil war is a possibility.


When you look at the factors that would give the government the cause to use martial law, most of them don’t exist at this point (or at least not in my area). We have food, gasoline, the utilities all are still working. No doubt the variety of food may not be what it was but I don’t see starvation happening. Maybe they are ‘boiling the frog’ but I don’t see anything yet that is going to drive the population to civil unrest in the streets and require a martial law order. Regardless of how the public feels about National Reciprocity if the House stays in Dem hands it won’t pass. Soros and Bloomberg own to many politicians that will do as they are told regardless of public opinion. Even if the House goes back into the the Republican hands it might not pass, they blew the chance in 2017 and very well may again.


As long as Trump is President, I doubt it. I think the next time there is a plague after he’s out of office, then the change will come. Think of this as a test run.


I’m more concerned with martial law then I am about them taking guns right now. I believe martial law will lead to the dismantling of the second amendment.

The reason I have concerns over martial law is because they are announcing the release of criminals, and announcing that they are not enforcing certain laws. Hence entincing criminals. (I believe this is why we’ve seen such a surge in gun purchases)

For the lack of better words, my Alamo point lies with the rule of law. And that’s when leaving home won’t be an option for me. At this point I have to travel to a major city and even though it quite you can sense the unrest and defiance.

I’ve been studying the LA riots, not the political or race reasons for them but the response to them and catalyst that lead to the strong response. The podcast from Tactical Tangents does a great break down.

Once the rule of law goes away it’ll become a free for all till the government takes back control.


This is a tough one. Given the current situation there is a lot of “quiet fear” in the US. People are nervous because there is something out there but depending on your situation it’s an SEP (Someone Else’s Problem). Some are more overtly fearful and others are completely ignorant of the potential. While life is not “normal” you can still go to the grocery store and they have food and occasionally TP. You can still get gas ($1.67 / gal today). There are no tanks in the streets or APC’s or armed troops patrolling. You can’t get a hair cut, nails done, massage or a tattoo but let’s face it those are niceties. I did tell the wife to stock up on Mrs. Clarol because that will be the next shortage when all those women find out they can’t get a color and cut and their roots start showing :crazy_face: :sunglasses: So all in all it’s just a wierd variation of normal.

Now if this thing goes bad and they shut down inter state travel (truckers), that will be the harbinger of doom. IMHO that will be my flash point and I’m bugging out. Once supplies can no longer be moved on the highways people will begin to see shortages and they will become more and more desperate.

On the flip side if this thing just chugs along and they start using Chloroquine and Z-Packs (or whatever) and it has an effect the potential is that it will be a really bad Flu season. Yes a lot of people will die as we figure this thing out and that’s bad but not terrible (obviously it will be terrible if it’s you or your family/friends) things will go back to semi normal.

There are two significant areas that I think (if the latter occurs) will be changed forever. 1) Education & 2) Medicine.
Education: In the vaunted hall’s of Academia I think they are panicking, This Pandemic has shown what has been creeping up on them for the past decade. On-line education. Why do I have to ship my kid across the country for 15 hours of course work per week at the tune of $50 - 100K for four years when his butt can sit in his room and get the same education at 1/4 of the price. I did two degrees on line Bachelors and Masters but I was 40 something and motivated, I also worked 40+ hours a week during. The casualty will be more lack of social interaction and social problem solving.

Medicine: A greater number of Physician’s offices / Doc in the Box’s and even Hospitals are going to tele-med which provides a billable visit without having to go sit in a waiting room with a bunch of other sick people for acute cases. For chronic cases you might have to ACTUALLY go once every six months / year / month depending on your condition. I can see BP machines at home linked to your phone and sent to the MD on regular intervals for those with heart issues and other such “distancing” innovations. Got a sick kid? Hold the little crumb cruncher up to the camera on your computer, take his temp and show it to the camera. MD: “Don’t worry mom he has a cold / thrush / diaper rash / etc, I’m sending a script for XYZ to the pharmacy and I want you to do this. In three days call me back or if things get worse.”

If the former occurs… pick a book/movie from the last 40 years on the topic any or none of them might come true, more probably not.

The 2A will always be under attack and that will grow the more and more we have a culture that firearms are no longer a “normal” part of. When shooting sports are no longer an societal norm and the use of firearms for non violent/criminal endeavors are no longer seen as viable then we will loose our right by abdication.




Your right about education. I am sure we will be seeing a lot of justification for the “Classroom experience” when this is over.

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I am absolutely certain I will not live long enough to see them take my guns.


Forget guns for a moment there are bans on selling garden seeds in Vermont right now…


I don’t know, I am kinda smiling, maybe I just can’t appreciate gravity of the situation.
Anyway, we can’t go to a public bathroom without risk of being freaked out by a person that looks like (put the right pronoun) doesn’t belong there. And then you want a right to keep a GUN? You see why I am shaking my head…

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Rohm Emanuel once said: “Don’t let a crisis go to waste.” California governor Gavin Newsom (D) recently said the Coronavirus is an opportunity to create a new “progressive era.” We are in a crisis and the only thing the left has in mind is to change the political landscape of our culture and government which shows us they could care less about people.


Do you mean couldn’t?

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I hope your 20 years old and you live to the age of 80+ I’m over sixty and I see it coming in my lifetime.
Covid-19 will kill this country and it’s values, but not those Washington Democrats that are actually cheering on the virus. We are under attack from numerous directions. I didn’t serve in Vietnam, but now I know what, Zips in the wire means, now!
Maybe I’ve been home too long, but I don’t see this going back to “normal”!

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I am also in my 60s and you need to read into my statement a little bit.


Sorry! I might be missing something, but I do see them coming sooner rather than later. However I’m not going down without a fight.


@Scott52, try taking @DBrogue‘s statement literally.

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Got it, brain is definitely getting fuzzier. Too much reality.


@Scott52 - understandable. A common ailment in my house.

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VERY well said, sir. Kudos.