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COVID-19, the coronavirus, is causing some people to do crazy things — like fight each other over hand sanitizer and toilet paper in the aisles of Walmart and other stores. The declaration of the global pandemic has got some people spooked and others acting irrationally. If you see violence breaking out, don’t get involved. All of your training and discussions about situational awareness tell you to get away from such scenes, as they can quickly escalate — sometimes into gunfire.

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My twenty-year-old son works in another state and was texting me just last weekend that he was at Walmart and someone drew a gun over – you guessed it – toilet paper.

I told him to exit through whatever door he could get out of. He did text me after it was all over to let me know he’s ok.

Have you seen or heard of behavior like this in your area?


After an hurricane they said most people only had enough supplies to last 3 days. Many of those same people laugh at those that prepare for whatever events. Common sense preppers are not being laughed at now.

As a common sense prepper, when we need something, we buy two and use one and store one. Different items each time we shop. Over time we have become prepared enough to avoid all the panic that is going on right now. I carry a gun to be prepared for an attack, why would I not store some things to be prepared for a panic.

We let the unprepared go to places where panic people do stupid things and get in the middle of stupid people fighting over stupid items.

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I guess that I’ve been lucky. The store I go to hasn’t has any real problems that I know of. Although twice I’ve been in and heard people complaining about things not being on the shelves. But no fighting. And I was checking out and the person behind me had 2 packs of TP and was told that the limit was 1. And they said that they were of the small packages so they should be able to buy 2. and they were told no. But I haven’t seen or heard of any fighting over things.

Everyone should have enough stored at home to avoid all the panic and fear in times like these. It will happen again, so it is foolish not to be ready for it.

Most people will do what they are doing now, panic buy out of fear. Than when it is over return everything they panic bought or use it and be no better prepared next time this time. Some stores here already have signs up - no returns on TP, hand sanitizer etc.

We did not need anything that was not in available in large amounts and avoided all the panic. We could have going weeks if needed without going to a store to avoid the panic if required.