Cover up story?

Apparently this man was sleeping and in his dream he was being attacked, so in real life he picked his gun up and shot his leg!

So that’s what he says.

I’m suspecting he was sleeping with it and it got into the covers and shot.

When I worked at the gas station before I knew anything about guns, I had a man walked in and told me whatever I do don’t shoot myself. Apparently he shot himself and claimed he was cleaning it.

Later realized that’s a cover up for what really happened.



That’s possible. Think it is more likely he was awake and playing with it when he shot himself. Either way not something most people are going to want to admit.

Even if he did have the dream, reached for it on the nightstand and shot himself it is not something to be all that proud of.

Guess that’s another advantage to having my pistol in a quick access safe with a trigger guard that releases after I pull it out. Figure I’ll be well awake by the time I input the code and pull the pistol out.


Can I use that if I ever shoot myself?

About a month ago I saw a good offer on a trigger guard (carbon fiber, snaps into place, rip-cord). I decided to try it out. If they made one to fit one of my guns, I got it. I am naturally careful, but having these trigger guards has definitely improved my safety state of mind to a whole new level.


This is precisely why I clear my EDC before I sit it on the night stand. I don’t want to be fumbling around with a condition zero gun when I’m half asleep and identifying noises or people. I’ll take the 2 second risk that goes with racking.


I leave mine in its holster. It stays in the holster until I am ready to clean it or go to the range and put practice ammo in it. [edit] or when I practice with snap caps and/or MantisX.


I am a big fan of the trigger guards. It took some searching to find one that works with my home defense pistol when the weapon light is attached. But it gives me a lot more peace of mind that I won’t accidentally get the trigger when frantically reaching into the quick access safe for the pistol. It is tied with paracord to a bolt in the safe so comes off automatically when I pull the pistol out.


There’s only 2 acceptable ways to stage a firearm to me.


A. Slide locked back to the rear and magazine out


B. Fully loaded in a holster.

Any other way is not acceptable.


Pretty tough to accidentally pull the trigger in your sleep on a 357 magnum revolver unless it’s sitting nearby already cocked, which would be mega dumb. I suspect something else was going on.


That’s a great story used by me during firearm classes to show the weight of responsibility of owning the firearm. Especially this happened not so far from my place.

  1. Be sure your FOID is still valid
  2. Be responsible for your actions during day and night
  3. (The most important) Always identify your target before pulling the trigger.

Maybe I’m wrong, but that guy is the example of the person who “knows better” and use of firearm doesn’t need any of education, training nor practice.


In my state any accidental discharge can get you serious time in jail. My thought is like a few above, screwing around, now he needs an excuse to keep him out of jail if they have a similar law. Just my best guess.


I go for that. Less administrative handling and loading/unloading. Put it in a holster, put it where you have to sit up and reach over or take a step or put it in a quick access safe and also in a holster.


Should have just said he was cleaning his gun. I wonder if his homeowner’s insurance will cover his injuries. :thinking:


I think illegal possession of firearm doesn’t give you any rights to use insurance.


Jerzy You Are Right :bangbang:. If you are doing anything illegal you can never insure IT EVEN I KNOW THAT GRADE,6 , and I GRADUATED :100::partying_face::bangbang:

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My idea is oops ,LAWYER :partying_face::100::bangbang:

This sounds so stupid that :bangbang: TO BAD STUPIDITY IS NOT A DEFENSE :bangbang: I sleep with my 3,57 NEXED to me in the gun belt hanging from my wall next to my bed and I can get it PDQ, and it’s never going to shoot anything on accident and it’s not going to take more then ten seconds to :bangbang:AT READY :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::owl::feather::feather::chile::dizzy:


I think as long as the trigger is covered in the holster and you don’t have young kids in the house that system should work fine.

Just don’t play with the loaded gun out of its holster in bed like some of these negligent discharge people seem to be doing:/


Jerzy a Stolen gun ?? And you use it you have ,A. Rite to go straight to PRISON, and that’s TWO FELONIES AND , a nice new place to stay , PRISON , AND IN TEXAS . THEY THROW IN A VERY VERY SHORT HAIR CUT , and you just be came the President of the LOSER CLUB , PDQ , and you never get to have a right to self respect ever again , :bangbang::bangbang: stay Frosty brother :owl::feather::feather::100:

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