In the town where my gun store is located, guy shot himself

Pulled this from the post on FB, this the the town my gun store is in and I will be visiting next week.

Seems like he didn’t actually have a holster among other things.


News Release from Lincoln City Police
Posted: September 21st, 2020; 12:50 PM

On Sunday, September 20, 2020 at about 1936 hours, Lincoln City Police Officers responded to McKay’s Market located at 801 SW Hwy 101 in Lincoln City on a reported gunshot wound.

Upon arrival, it was discovered a male, identified as 29-year-old Nicholas J. Ellingford of Lincoln City had sustained an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to his groin area and leg. Investigation revealed that Ellingford was inside the store and as he was waiting in the checkout line, he un-holstered a Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistol from his waist band so that he could show it off to a friend. As Ellingford was placing the firearm back in the front of his pants near the zipper & button areas, he accidently pulled the trigger causing the firearm to discharge. The bullet entered into Ellingford’s groin area before exiting out the lower thigh of his leg, narrowly missing is femoral artery. Officers on scene immediately rendered first aid before medics from Pac-West Ambulance & North Lincoln Fire arrived to take over treatment.

Ellingford was transported code-3 to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital where he was immediately flown, via Life Flight to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

No one else was injured in this incident, however a criminal investigation is ongoing, as Ellingford did not have a concealed handgun license and his act was found to be reckless since it placed several people in danger.

If anyone has information about this case…"


Jeez…dude was damned lucky!


Another lucky Glock owner… Looks this has to happen every 2 years :neutral_face:


Don’t think it has anything to do with the firearm being a Glock. Sounds like negligent handling of the firearm.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That’s all I have to say. Love my 1911. :+1:


The bandage technique must have been interesting not to mention the scar(s). Should make for quite a show and tell at the local single’s bar.
You just can’t fix stupid, this guy deserves a Darwin Award.



Nope… it is definitely NOT Glock issue… but I’m starting thinking it might be Glock’s owner issue… :smiling_imp:


WTF?! He took out a loaded gun to ‘show’ someone. OK, beyond the safety part, who has not seen a Glock? :grinning:

I don’t care for Glocks, but as stated, this was a Glock owner problem, not the gun’s fault.


@Jerzy That’s awful close to fighting words. Good thing this Glock owner won’t be baited. :wink:


Lincoln City was evacuated a good bit when the fires burned through Otis. Many people have been buying new firearms since theirs burned up. Perhaps he was showing off to recommend what to buy and then what not to do…


Or he bought it as a new gun owner unaware of concealed carry laws and not aware he needed a CPL. Come to think of it, with all the misinformation out there regarding gun ownership and how easy it is to buy a gun (article regarding people being shocked about gun waiting periods, purchase permits, etc.) one has to reasonably assume that some of these new owners are not aware that a separate license to carry is required (in many states).


Close call, he was pretty fortunate the outcome wasn’t worse.


Classic. Brand of the gun is of no consequence, but highlighted behaviors are.


Unholstered but it said he was putting it back into the front of his pants instead of saying he was holstering his firearm, made specific note of the zipper and button areas, he shot himself…

I’m a big guy and maybe you skinny guys have the lots of space between the holster and the front of their pants containing the zipper and button… I don’t see how the pistol could miss a holster and get the zipper and button unless his pants were 8 sizes too big and held up by suspenders.


@Orpackrat. He probably had his finger on the trigger and no holster or one without a trigger guard. That’s my guess.


I am going to go out on a limb here and say the brand of gun didn’t matter. He violated multiple rules of responsible gun ownership. Given the trigger setup on Glocks…they don’t fire by accident. Which means he had his finger squarely on the trigger trying to re holster. That also strongly implies he probably had his finger on the trigger the entire time. It also means everyone else was extremely lucky nothing happened when he unholstered it.

All we can do is try to educate as many people as possible and try to prevent this as much as possible. There are many new gun owners out there now. Heck, I am one them but I grew up around guns and was also in the military.

Lets do all we can to educate them.


I agree with you a 100% :smiley:


Although I agree he violated rules to create this situation, I do want to point out that Glocks can absolutely fire by accident and without a finger on the trigger. All it takes is something getting in the trigger guard (example would be a drawstring for a jacket or even a shirt itself) and the pressure applied to reholster or push the firearm into place can cause it to fire. This can absolutely be avoided by proper handling and following the rules, but the chance does exist.


Looks I’ve started “Glock” discussion… Nope… that was not my intention…
What I wanted to show, was the fact, that very similar situation had happened in 2018 and Glock (just coincidence) was involved as well.

This has nothing to the firearm. It did what was designed to do - it shot when trigger was pressed. :man_shrugging:
The whole discussion should be focused on the owner of the tool.



Would you get out your trauma kit and start aid on him? :grimacing: