Don't shoot your finger off!


There have been a few horror stories shared regarding negligent discharges. @KevinM shares a video where a finger was shot off. And it’s all caught on video:

There are so many mistakes in this video - what are the ones that stand out to you?

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:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :cold_sweat: GAH! this entire video of the incident is a sucker punch. Makes me cringe.
THANKFULLY I’ve never had to deal with
A discharge knock on wood. I’ve had laser red dots bounce on my shirt while the guy down the counter was ‘testing out’ the laser grips unaware of what he was doing. I’ve stared down more barrels than I care to think about. I get a bit edgy when someone turns their back with a pistol in hand. Or decides to pull out their holstered firearm, putting it on the counter to size it for accessories. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: but a discharge?!? No thank you. Thankfully follow routines: cleared, front-faced, 2 out at a time, etc. etc.
I hope videos like this educate even one person. No matter where you are, be attentive, speak up!

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Here’s a good one, yikes. :flushed:

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You never know what someone is going to do - I don’t envy you that working at a gun counter. I’ve heard horror stories and am very glad to know that I have backup and 100% authority to say no to someone if I don’t safe dealing with them.

Working at a gun counter or range can be a nerve-wracking experience - but most of the time it’s fun!

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:tired_face: That’s a very good argument for why we ALWAYS use a holster, right @Steve-G?

And I’m not too surprised he wasn’t licensed to conceal because of what happened and how he was carrying it. Accidents can happen to anyone, however the better trained you are the more likely you are to avoid accidents.




Absolutely it’s fun! I get to handle firearms and talk to people…about firearms all day long! :smiley:
I won’t hesitate to stop a sale for countless reasonings. And I support my team and their decisions. Smell like booze? Stop. Aggressive? Stop. Potential straw purchase? Stop. And so on, and so forth. These moments don’t happen often, but when they do, gotta be on point. I can imagine a range being a bit nerve wrecking, but like you said, fun!


Owning a gun of any kind comes with responsibility’s Dawn, education and having proper safety skills, especially if your going to CC, owning a gun for target shooting is one thing, but IMO, once you choose to Carry Concealed, you are now different than most of the people that are around you, it’s now your responsibility to have good judgement and confidence in your training and good decision making. Just because you are carrying a firearm, doesn’t make you a superhero, you need to use your best judgement to any situation that arises. I’ve seen people that were getting an old fashioned ass whooping shoot someone and get away with it. Were they in Fear for their life? Probably not, but it’s portrayed as a Yes they were, so someone lost their life over a fist fight, to me, that’s bad judgement. Someone robs a store, they have no weapon, yet says they do, someone shoots them and kills them, that’s bad judgement to me, let them have the money and go. There has to be something in that persons life that so terrible, that they are robing a store to get money, weather it’s hunger, drugs, whatever it is, let them have it and go. Now if they have shown deadly threat or force, that’s completely different, then you need to stop this now but safely. I know this is a long post, but these are my personal feelings. When I was young, I would have taken someone on that had a weapon with just my hands, and have done so, I was a bit crazy in my youth, I liked the challenge, now I’m and old guy, and cannot, but I’m smarter than I was back then, be safe and use good judgement. God bless. :sunglasses::us:


I know I’m new to conceal carry (for just a little over a year) and just getting USCCA, but WHY would you have a loaded gun in the display case in the first place?!?!? Was it one of the gun places like we have here where you can test fire different guns to see how you like it and the person working the counter that day just forgot to unload it or what before putting it away? Definitely would be investigating the owners/staff to see who dropped the ball on that day by putting a loaded gun back in the case for sale. Was also a failure on the officers part by not inspecting the firearm closer to see if it was clear or not, but there again you don’t expect to be handed a live firearm from a display case.

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I also work at a range part time (it’s my second fun job, working at USCCA is my first fun job), @Damon. We’ve had people return rental firearms loaded with one in the chamber.

Sometimes people just don’t think. But I don’t know how it would get into a display case at a store loaded. That’s terrifying.

I know Cabelas now has trigger locks on all of their firearms. That should help with any “accidents”.


Seriously OMG on that one!!!
It’s one thing that I’m hyper alert about when I’m in a gun shop or the range - not just what’s happening where I am but what’s happening at other counters, across the room, with the guy next to me…
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if it’s too crowded, I’ll just come back later. Because I can’t see enough to feel confident it’s safe.


That is pretty scary, I would be willing to bet that some of us have some pretty crazy stories from the range. Hmmm, maybe HBO? “Stories From The Range” sounds like a winner, there’s a lot of people out there that are either Cowboy/Rambo/Know it all types, or incompetent. I really hate to say that, but there is a percentage of folks that watch a lot of movies, then have gone through all the motions and got a license, and now they’re Charles Bronson in 1974. It’s hard to teach those folks anything, they have all bad habits yet never fired a gun ever.

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Hmmm… I think it would be a great topic here!

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Sounds like a plan, I’m on it. :wink:

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