Cop takes care of loud, rowdy kids complaint

This is an older story, but a friend of mine just reminded me of it. I watched it again and it still warms the heart. Hope you guys and gals enjoy it as well.

Shaq truly is a big man with a big heart. My wife and youngest son used to see him playing pickup games on the public courts in Windermere when he played for Orlando Magic.


That was an awesome video first time I have seen it. The true definition of police work, community affairs, getting the youth to trust you and becoming a role model. Thank you Officer White and Shaq and GPD.


That is one of the things I think we all need to understand, that LEO’S are just like us.

Shaq being there yeah that’s neat, but it never happens without the officer being the type of man he was.

There’s this big push by MSM and the Cancel Culture crowd to demonize officers. I guarantee there are a 20,000 officers for every bad one.