Cop Land

I’m from the stone-age. In my day, unless you were a full-blown criminal, you never, ever, attacked a cop. This is the country that AOC (and many other liberals) want to create. They’re doing a good job of it. If or when this s__t starts happening in my town, that is the sign that we are no longer a country.


God be with the officer. And may justice be swift and full!


Yeah, times changed and respect doesn’t mean the same again.

I’m just curious… what AOC (and many other liberals) has got to do with this incident? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thankfully, not in our town where cops have community support. :blue_heart:


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I can lend you my crayons if you want to illustrate your point :grin:




Ah, that’s more to the north of my location :smiley:


I agree 1000%. Once The God Father Biden took office our country as we all know it has taken a new meaning. Weak, no respect, and gimmie, gimme, gimme I deserve it because I am. Not Ive worked my ass off the past 30+ years and got up and took care of my kids at the same time. Nope, just because I was born you owe me…well B/S…earn it.


I wont even like that. All lives matter…oriental, Indian, black, white, hispanic and mixed…not one over the other.


We all know the liberal/demoncratic judges womt do a dam thing, sad to say.


Sick world we have become.


[…] driving her black Lexus the wrong way on the Upper East Side while high on marijuana[.] The suspect “admitted to smoking marijuana,” Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Lucy Shephard said during Dula’s Friday arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court. Marijuana and rolling papers were found in her vehicle, according to Shephard.

“I told the cop I wanted to go straight, and he wouldn’t move, so I hit him. I did it on purpose,’’ Dula later told investigators, according to court papers.

“F–k these cops! He wouldn’t move!’’ she screamed a few minutes after the incident,

Dula added, “F–k these cops, it’s a lesson to him, and hopefully he doesn’t want to be a cop anymore.”

Footage posted on X late Thursday shows Dula, a college criminal justice graduate and former doorman, driving her vehicle the wrong way on Park Avenue near East 71st Street around 4:30 p.m.

At the time, officers were in the area investigating an unrelated robbery at a nearby high-end clothing store and had closed off part of the road.

Dula was charged with first-degree attempted assault, attempted aggravated assault upon a police officer, second-degree assault, second-degree reckless endangerment and operating a vehicle while ability impaired by drugs and reckless driving, according to the criminal complaint.

Should be attempted murder.

In 2020, she allegedly failed to stop at an intersection in the town of Henniker and struck another vehicle before she fled the scene but was quickly located, according to a report in The Granite Quill.

She was also arrested on a simple assault charge after an incident at Concord Hospital in New Hampshire’s capital city, Patch reported at the time.

In court, Dula’s lawyer, Patricia Wright, argued to the judge that her client “wants to express to you that she’s trying to move on from her ties from New Hampshire.”

Yes, that is obvious… she went from hitting a vehicle and assault, to attempted murder with a vehicle. I wouldn’t call that moving on, per se, but she is moving to more violent criminal activity.

Dula lives alone in a Prospect Lefferts Gardens apartment building, after her grandmother and father both died in the past year, according to the building super, who did not want to be identified.

The super described Dula and unfriendly and gruff, adding that she “smokes a lot of weed.”

“She’s like a rude person,” he said.“Not smiling for nobody. All the time she’s like that. She was even like that with her grandmother and father.”

And she mentors children to stay off drugs? Right…


I wouldn’t want her mentoring my child on any topic but she does seem like the perfect example of why people should stay off drugs.


I would agree but this charge often isn’t made without clear evidence that there was intent to kill.

When I worked for the USFS a couple decades ago there was an off duty fireman driving his snowmobile in a wilderness area. A FS LEO caught up to him and started walking towards him to get his info when the fireman decided to run him over so he would have time to get away. I think he was worried about having his snowmobile confiscated.

The LEO suffered a permanent leg injury along with other injuries and I believe was unable to work in the field ever again. I thought the fireman should have been charged with attempted murder but I’m not even sure he was charged with simple assault. Pretty sure he just got a small fine and maybe some probation. He did not do any time behind bars😡 My guess was he had some local connections. Don’t know if he got to keep his snowmobile but wouldn’t be surprised if he did.


This is the DA’s choice to not seek attempted murder charges, but yeah, she’ll probably get off of her reduced charges. Americans better get their $hit together and support cops while we still have them.


With all the other potential charges against her she could actually get more jail time than if she was just charged with attempted murder which would have a higher burden of proof I would think.

Though I am not holding my breath for the DA actually bringing all those charges against her and pushing for the maximum sentences for them all as clearly should be done in this case.

Since based on her statements it seems that she acted intentionally due to her dislike of LEOs perhaps federal hate crime charges could be added as well?


She had the right to remain silent, but her true feelings prevailed.


Remember it’s new york and remember who the da is!!! The charges will be reduced to criminal mischief!!! Her car is worth three times her bail!!! More important is that he’s a Cop, and she’s black!!!


I’m good with the charges. What I hope is that the Judge makes her sentences (if found guilty, at all) that they run consecutively and not concurrently. That way one sentence has to be completed before the next sentence.