Congress outraged by President Trump's airstrikes

I don’t mean to affend anybody but I agree with Trump completely. Ive been there and when Clinton pulled us out when we were pretty much ready to take out Sadom, and wouldn’t repair all the needed equipment that was down, when bush pulled Bin Ladens father out before we went in so gave him a heads up, and finally when Obama said its better to talk to terrorist and started cutting our numbers, so everybody has been saying nothing is being done under Trump but I have received better treatments and better service at VA since he has been in office, new equipment at facilities and the first time ever I have been seen quicker because if you need a appointment and its back logged you can see a doctor in the community and VA pays for it.
As far as I can remember he is the only president that has got most things done he said he was going to and it would have been everything if the democrats didn’t fight him every step just for the reason they don’t like him

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I don’t know about proof but they have been pushing Trumps ties to Russia but know body asked anything when Hillary was on trial and I just watched a documentary the other day about her, Obama, Biden and Bloomberg having ties to Russia

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And that’s a big reason they don’t like Trump because he can’t be bought off by their money cause he has more than they do

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to each their own


Technically, Bloomberg is the 9th richest person in the world. However I do agree with your assessment. Trump is a wildcard. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not so good.

I will be voting for him in 2020 as he is by far the lesser evil in comparison to any current Democratic Presidential Candidate.

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yeah thats true but I don’t think he even has a chance at the white house cause he is shooting himself in the foot talking about banning all semi auto guns even in his own party don’t agree with that