Dancing on the streets of Baghdad after killing of top Iranian general | Metro News

Different viewpoint than our MSM shows. Quite interesting.


Of course our MSM is propagating that Trump is the instigator. That’s been written in stone for months. Not surprised. But make no mistake, half of Iraq is on Team Iran. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it…


Sure beats the heck out of flying in billions in cash like B.O. did. The best part is that it sooo tweaks Pelosi and Schumer. I wouldn’t consult those two on when to potty my dog.


If they are happy fine, but even if they are not… Suleimani had American blood on his hands making him a legit target.


I copied this over from a different topic as this one is more on subject.

Look at all the threats Iran is making now. Fine, bring it on.

It’s like a big strong kid in school who is nice to everyone, helps them, buys their lunch for the needy, is captain of the football team, goes to church, and there is some scrawny little kid who every time he walks by the big nice kid, kicks him in the shin or pokes him in the stomach. At some point the big kid is going to slap him back and tell him to quit it. You’ll always have the a handful of the other kids saying “Quit picking on that little kid, you big bully!”

Observation: You notice from the big mob pictures in the streets of Iraq and Iran, not a single woman, not a single one! I think the Democrat woman in America should go over there and protest that. A terrible injustice!

Observation #2: They have the dead guys coffin in an American Made Chevy!

Observation #3 Look at the buildings along the coffin route in the pictures, what a backward 3rd world country.


I prefer to give Iran a pallet of high explosives over a pallet of money.