Congress outraged by President Trump's airstrikes

I’ve been watching various news outlets coverage of the airstrikes that were authorized by President Trump, that resulted in the deaths of 2 of Iran’s top military leaders in Baghdad, Iraq. Before I get into the meat of it, I would like to put forth 2 questions that I would ask to be considered under a “reasonable person” scenario

  1. What legitimate reason would 2 of Iran’s top military leaders have to be in Baghdad, Iraq? Especially, in the aftermath of the forces that one commanded, and the other was in charge of overall military command of Iran’s military forces, who had attacked the United States of America Embassy in Iraq.

  2. How quickly would a reasonable person agree, that a very small window of time had opened where 2 of the Opforces military leaders were in the same place at the same time. How much time does that leave at 1:00 a.m. for consultation?

The President of the United States of America is specifically, empowered, in exigent circumstances to order military operations, in support of the defense of United States citizens or it’s national interests.

Democratic Congressional leadership is, allegedly, outraged that the President did not consult with them.

However, this is a direct quote from former Vice President, and current Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden on this very issue

“The Constitution vests Congress with the power to declare war and authorize the use of force. As is well established and as the Department of Justice has articulated across several administrations, the Constitution vests the President, as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive, with the power to direct limited U.S. military operations abroad without prior Congressional approval when those operations serve important U.S. interests and are of a limited nature, scope, and duration.”

Seems to be very clear and consistent with Constitutionanal interpretations I have seen. So why the outrage Ms. Pelosi? Our President seems to have acted swiftly, decisevely and in the interests of the United States of America and they are of a limited nature and scope.

The President is specifically authorized to act for 48 hours without prior consultation with Congress. It’s been 12 hours, Congress has been notified of the President’s actions as Commander in Chief of the United States of America Armed Force’s.

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Democrats are so full of hate for President Trump they can’t see the need to carry a big stick…and not be afraid to use it. Iran constantly shouts death to America…Well, death to the ones doing the shouting. Two thumbs up to President Trump and out military.


From what I have seen in the news today it sounds like Senator Lindsey Graham knew about the attack. So it is really that Trump didn’t notify any Democrat members of Congress. With it known that Democrats like John Kerry have met with Iranian officials without the approval of the Trump administration there is a justified lack of trust by the President.


I had more respect for the mafia than I do any Democrat in Washington. The mafia at least had a set of rules that they lived by and that demands respect.
The Democrats don’t even have a code.
Rule #1. Never rat! Democrats are rats and snitches. ( If your offended switch sides)
Rule #2. Never rat!
I watch a lot of TV and you will notice that there is not a single portrait of the current president in any show! President Trumps picture can not be found anywhere. That is a complete lack of respect. I hated obama but I respected the office.
These idiots don’t have the decency to respect the office and that’s why we are screwed!


This I agree with. I also did not like I lot of things that happened during the Obama Presidency years but he still held the office which deserves respect.




The looney left is so full of hate that if the Donald came out with a cure for cancer that cost 50 cents they’d be after him for profiteering! The Iranian “general” was organizing attacks on The US compound and has been responsible for the deaths and maiming of untold numbers of our people through his proxies. Shame the Ayatollah wasn’t with him… And the “leaders” on the left are angry that he was taken out. Makes you wonder what nation they Really support because it certainly isn’t the USA.


The President is under no Constitutional obligation to inform Congress on military actions such as these. The President has not “declared war” on anyone and in fact in the past a President has generally been given leeway to conduct operations for up to 60days before needing to go to Congress for any type of consultation or approval.

It was a strike of opportunity that it seems most military leaders agreed with taking so from that point forward I’m good with the decision, but then add in the fact that the Iranian General was apparently in the process of planning new attacks, I’m definitely good with the call.

The one thing I do think may have been overlooked is notification of our Allies. We knew this attack would have ripple effects in the region and it sounded as if we did not give our allies a heads up. Not to ask for permission or opinion but to give them a chance to secure their resources in the area. It may have been done but at a very classified level and we’re just not hearing about it, but if we didn’t I think that’s the one thing we could have done differently.

If we had handled Benghazi like this we might not have to be dealing with this now.


General soleimani was under 24 hr surveillance and could be hit at any given time, seems like we could have learned more about the regimes playbook with continued observation…keep in mind soleimani is and always was dispensable, there are countless replacements for his position…now we have to figure all over again, who will fill his shoes, and can we get the same level of surveillance on this new individual who will surely not make the same mistakes soleimani did…major setback in my opinion…back to the drawing board i guess.


Thanks for pointing out that we’re specifically talking about Democrats in Congress. As many of you know, I’m a stickler for being as specific as possible about who we’re talking about so that we aren’t lumping everyone into one group. We’re all individuals no matter what political party we associate the most with. I don’t know anyone who believes in 100% of what the party they associate says.




I know that in both Iraq, and in Afghanistan, boots on ground soldiers were issued playing card decks with pictures, names and facts about leadership cadre specific to the country they were in. I doubt the U.S. is any less prepared for Iran, especially when it comes to Iran’s military, it’s sponsored actor’s, or the Republican Guard.


fact still remains, we basically blew up a window, that gave us live time insight into the daily operations of a regime that clearly has us in it’s crosshairs…seems like a instinctive decision by an individual with no military instincts.

by the way, he’s already been replaced by esmail ghaani, which told state television on monday that iran would take it’s revenge by “uprooting the US from the region” and “continuing the work of the martyr Soleimani as robustly as he did”


I highly doubt that we do not have that same window into whomever replaces him in that regime. I know that we had that window into the top 13 in Al-Queda, and in Irag’s regime under Suddam Hussain. As far as an instinctive reaction, they were able to take out the top 2 leaders of a foreign power’s military state sponsored actor’s. Also known as targets of opportunity.

I think that the CNN video I linked pretty much adequately describes it.

In response to the rhetoric you state by the new replacement, did any reasonable person expect any less? Iran has been spouting the same lines for years. They are a rogue nation state, much the same as North Korea.


They have been saying that since 1979.


Did they mention what kind of car he drives? :smiling_imp:



I would posit this to you. How overwhelmingly arrogant and unbelievably naive, was it for Iran’s top military leader (who btw is in charge of IRAN’S state supported terror organizations) and the leader of the militia that had just attacked the US Embassy in IRAQ, to be in IRAQ together?


I am glad Solemani is dead. He was a very bad guy, and a violent enemy of the United States, and really, all of the civilized world.

All of these people who are upset at Trump over this are, simply, fools. They are trying to use anything to get any sort of advantage over Trump in this next election, and they don’t seem to care what they break in the process. Orange Man Bad, so if Trump strikes back at Iran after they strike us, then Iran must be the good guys. They’ve even been spreading fear-mongering at the prospect of a draft to the point where panicked millennials crashed the Selective Service website to see if they might be drafted.

There was a time, say in the last administration, where even a President’s political enemies could give a man credit for something done right.


The only question you really have to ask yourself is this one…

If President Obama had taken him out during his time in the chair (and he had several opportunities to do so), would the Congressional Democrats be gnashing teeth like they are now?

There’s your answer. It’s just more Trump Derangement Syndrome.


I personally am speaking from a tactical stand point, didn’t really seem very tactical…i do agree the president has the right to make that decision, but also has the responsibility to know when they are militarily incompetent and should seek further advice in said matters, regardless if it’s Trump, Obama, or anyone else that comes to mind.