Attacks on President Trump supporters

Ok, you may not like our president but still the far left attacks on we who support him that are responsibly armed are afraid to go out and support him at his rallies. Why? Because if our lives are threatened we can’t defend our lives because it will be viewed as we knew what we were getting into and there for we were hoping for a conflict. I’m all for political discussion when both parties can disagree but stay polite.

This is why I’m terrified about going to ANY Trump rallies. Not because I’m afraid of getting hurt, but because I know that if my life is in danger I WILL protect myself. I don’t even wear my MAGA hat any more for fear of being attacked and I know we are supposed to basically be the “GREY MAN” in the crowd. The divide in this nation is getting ever closer to civil war.

I may not agree with all of Trumps policies, like him banning bump stocks (I never owned one and I know rapid fire makes it harder to stay on target). Or his view on suppressors A.K.A. silencers, but he has done a lot for our country so far. The economy is great, the trade deals are getting leveled out, him TRYING to negotiate with North Korea and on and on.

It’s just mind blowing how much divide this nation is facing. They are attacking the second amendment left and right. without the 2nd all other amendments are going to be taken away, they are attacking the first saying that ANYTHING they disagree with is hate speech. As a Veteran, Patriot and Christian I pray daily for our great nation to overcome this divide.

I think a good place to start is REMOVE ALL WARNING LABELS and let darwinism take effect, but that’s just me. :wink:


Every day, I pray for this nation’s divide as well…

While I’m very conservative, I don’t agree with all our president’s policies either, but I’m also aware of all the great things he has done for our nation…

I remember right after the “red flag” ordeal, I said he lost my vote…
However, who else could one vote for that would secure the blessings of liberty provided in the constitution? My prayer is we can all come together not as “trump” followers or “liberal” but as AMERICANS. Nothing bothers me more than this divide in the nation like never before!


Totally agree brother, we need to stand together AS ONE NATION. Unified were conquer but divided we fall.



I could not agree more brother!

If we could all stand together imagine what we could accomplish!


As an American and a Christian, I agree with you all. I, too pray daily for our Country. In '16, I was hoping that Ted Cruz would get the nomination, but that didn’t happen. I held my nose and voted for Mr. Trump not because I liked him, but because he was far better than the alternative. I still feel that way, and will be voting for him in '20. If the 2nd falls, the first and the others will not be far behind. PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY!!



Yes, sir…I wanted Ted Cruz as well.

Now, I see the attack and, I don’t think anybody could have handled it like Trump, to be honest.
However, it’s our Christian duty to pray for this nation…
It’s good to know I’m not alone and have Christian brothers/sisters praying with me!


We know we need to keep our heads raised high and try to educate others, but unfortunately the trend is that our views are racist, homophobic or any other “IST” there is. But keeping our faith should help and gathering will hopefully help get the TRUTH and sunlight to help fight the darkness.


A lot of the issue is that the attacks on conservative/Trump supporters are not challenged by the police. How many times have we seen the Chicago, Berkley, Oregon (Portland) police stand down when people with conservative views are outnumbered and under attack. Because the local government has no desire to do anything it is going to take Federal intervention to put an end to the attacks.


ANTIFA should be labeled by the justice department as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.


Agree. During the Republican primaries, I thought Trump was an obnoxious clown the didn’t have a chance. He was the color commentator, little more. No way I was going to ever vote for him. When he won the Republican nomination, I considered abstaining (for about 30 seconds). But when push came to shove (i.e. Trump or Hillary?) I voted for Trump. And, except for him shooting his mouth off like he does, I’m okay with the overall result so far. He walks the walk and delivers on most of his campaign promises. He really shook things up across our nation and gave Americans permission to not accept (i.e. be force fed) a non-stop diet of “political correctness” as defined by Hollywood, the media, most academics and other lefties. Sadly, when the right stopped being squelched into submission, and found their voice, the so-called “tolerant” party proved to be anything but. And this leaves us where we are today. Ultra tense, where many think civil war might erupt. Violence has certainly seemed to be escalating. I pray daily that we will all take a deep breath and step back. In truth, I survived the last President, who I had very little respect for, for eight long years. Torture, but I’m still standing. Maybe those who hate Trump should do the same? Thank God for term limits. Wish we could do the same in the Senate and House.


Sean, you said it…

I thought the same thing! However, now looking back, I’m so. so glad it was Trump! I just don’t think anybody could have took the heat like him…
Call Trump the Fireman!!! :rofl::rofl:


Gotta love how he trolls the media and those on the left when they attack him​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Randall318 Agree 100%, although I think Trump brings some of the heat on himself with his mouth and attitude (particularly with the press). That said, Trump gets things done. If any other Republican candidate would have won, I suspect it would have been more of the same - lots of talk, but not much walk.


My husband bid some projects for not-then-president Trump and got to spend a bit of time with him. He has some interesting observations.

He says you either EARN Trump’s respect, in spades, or you get NONE.

My hubby says Trump LOVES the sport of making deals… that’s why some outrageous stuff comes out of his mouth. His opening position is almost always extreme, and from there he’ll negotiate back to where he wanted to be in the first place.

Aside from not actually winning any of the bids, my husband liked working with him. Smart, decisive, no BS, and interested in results.


Which is what a president should want “results”


Yupp Zee @Zee. He’s like normal New Yorker throw down and then see what happens then after outrageous is out there negotiate back down to agreement. I see humor of sorts where others that have little to none, or think he’s “crazy” cannot get over outright hatred. It would be funny if not so sad.


I thought his run for the presidency was an absolute joke. I had initially intended on supporting Rand Paul out of KY. I didn’t agree with all of his positions but I preferred his over many others.
When Trump started taking off, I was willing to find out more. Every one has been complaining of all of our politicians being professional politicians and that needed to change. My personal opinion was that I didn’t really want an amateur either.
When it came down to Trump Vs. Clinton, the choice was clear. Bill was relatively conservative but Hillary was clearly FAR LEFT.
I support Trump but, like most, disagree with some of his policies and wish he would let someone else manage his twitter account. But, there is no question he is effective.

As for the divide, when I look back to 9/11, America was more united than probably ever in history. In my opinion, the divide started and has drastically increased in the 10 years immediately following George W. Bush’s presidency. Personally, I believe that the Obama presidency lead to this divide and we are more divided today than any time in the history of this nation since the Civil War.

I want to go back to the America we were on 9/12/2001!


I agree with all you say, especially the last paragraph.


I pray for the nation to go back like we had it when we was younger. We could disagree and talk it over without fighting like they do today. I’m afraid our children will be living in a country where the congress tell then what courses they will take and where they will work. Congress wants full control over all the country in my way of thinking.


Maybe I was born in a different time or something, but I cannot stand to see the disrespect that people have for our President even if they support him. It really burns me up to see people refer to him by just his last name. He has a proper title back when I was brought up you would never refer to the president by just their last name. They were owed the courtesy of the office they held no matter what. President Trump is our Commander in Chief and deserves to be called by the title to which he was elected.

It is true that people have tried to belittle and make light of the accomplishments of this Administration. This Administration has had no help from congress even when the republicans had the majority. He and his staff have accomplished more in three years than most previous administrations do in 2 terms. He has kept his promises to the American people. However, the press and the left has poisoned the public to him and therefore everything about him is overshadowed by hate and discontent.

I chose to respect President Trump and to back him also. Others are entitled to their opinions about the president but it is totally wrong to respect him and the Office to which he was duly elected.