Concealed carry with overalls

I just got a Belly Band Holster by ComfortTac. I like to wear overalls at times but I was not able to carry when I did. I just tried out my new Belly Band Holster and it worked great. The one I got was ComfortTac from Amazon. It even came with a mag.pouch.


If you like wearing overalls I suggest you pocket carry. That would be simple. Overalls have big pockets so you can even carry a 9mm or 40 cal. Subcompact. I would definitely try it.


Thanks may try when I get the Taurus G3C. I have the full size G3 now. I tried the Belly Band Holster with my Ruger SR22.


Good pocket holsters from DeSantis, Sticky, Remora that are tacky to the touch will stay put in your pocket. Practice the draw a lot with an empty pistol. “A lot” = 500 reps before you leave the house the first time + another 500-1500 reps over the first month. I advise folks to break this down into groups of 1-2 dozen reps at a time. Pocket draw can be a bit more complex than other holster draws, sometimes requiring some fine motor modifications to make it work smoothly. Do it until you are highly unlikely to falter. The advantage is that when you carry this way, you can often put your hand on your pistol and get your grip right when you think you might need to draw. People (other than cops) aren’t usually alarmed by a casual hand in the pocket.


When pocket carry comes up most people only think about front pockets. Front pocket drawing was extremely unique from one pair of pants to the next, in other words, some had roomy openings that allowed getting a normal grip and pulling it out and others I could barely get a finger around the grip and a thumb on top of the slide.

My solution has been to use the rear pocket. It stays in place and is easy to draw from all the pants I own. I was concerned about sitting on it at first, but it is actually pretty comfortable as it balances out my wallet when I sit down.

This is the one I use:


I don’t want to be a bad critic here, but with belly band holster and overall, all wear together, have you tried to measure firearm draw time?

I know we always look for comfort, but unfortunately comfort doesn’t go along with safety…

If you cannot draw and present the firearm within 2 seconds, I would say belly band holster is not good in this case and pocket holster should be taken into consideration.


Agree with @Jerzy 100 percent. :+1:

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I’d bet we all have a number of different holsters we’ve tried and found that they don’t work as well for us as we had hoped. Which is why there are so many different options.

I’m glad you’ve found one that allows you to comfortably carry in your overalls, @Scott122. Whenever I get a new holster I spend a bunch of time doing drawing drills to ensure I’ve accustomed myself to the new setup.

Keep training! And who knows, you may find multiple ways you like to carry in your overalls!


I actually got that same holster and it is really nice. It hides a pistol and mag perfectly when I have to wear button up and slacks and don’t want the IWB clip showing.

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How is this not the best topic on the board!?

I pocket carry my 642 with snake shot and Hornady Crit Def, always.

If I need something more, I carry my 226 on my gun belt inside the bib, appendix. It’s not visible from the side but I can get to it quickly.

If I had a bigger belly, I’d need to reconsider the appendix carry.

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Same here.

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Welcome to the family and God bless you.