Concealed Carry Wedding by Natalie Strong

Recent Article in July Issue of Concealed Carry magazine volume 20 issue 5 by Natalie Strong was a strong case of “WHAT NOT TO DO” ; As it was a insult to intelligent of all gun owners & especially concealed carry licensed owners . What Bride or Bridegroom would think of carrying a loaded gun to a Bridal Reception or an After wedding reception . Seriously if that is a necessity then you are either paranoid , or the friends & family or guests are of a questionable character . Also there’s the case of Alcohol being served & consumed , & of course the regulations of the establishment & the receptions physical location of which was conveniently omitted . Guns & Liquor do not mix well. SO this story is either a meme ( of which I think NOT ! ) or a Parody of sorts ( again I think NOT! ) . It’s a dress rehearsal for tragedy . That smiley smug look on the models face says this both tasteless & bad judgment upon the writer . LEAVE the guns at home or select another venue or maybe the state of LAWLESS Texas for your guests .

That is the ladies section. If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.:wink:


I haven’t read the article but it sounds like this couple wanted to. It’s their wedding why can’t they do it the way they want? Did the venue not allow firearms? Did the carriers illegally drink while carrying? Not all adults drink alcohol or need to drink it to have a good time.

A quick search on the internet shows a whole lot of violent incidents taking place at weddings and wedding receptions. Seems that people are just as unsafe there as anywhere regardless of what State or country they are in. Maybe even more so given the family, friend and other drama that can occur at these events not to mention the opportunities presented to thieves by all the easy targets with a bunch of distracted celebrators likely wearing their best jewelry and accessories.


Maybe the title could have been different! As was said, this was for the ladies! As we all know, men can carry comfortably anywhere anytime. The next time I’m invited to a wedding, no questions. Find my best black tie holster, new tie, clean the grips, throw on the sweet looking cummerbund, extra shiny new mag, a little Old Spice and a dinner jacket and absolutely no drinking! I’m totally good to go, fashion wise and safety wise! It should be that easy for the ladies!
OK, I’ll admit, the Old Spice is kinda dangerous!

I regarded this article as a way to assist in showing the ladies ( real ladies ) that carrying doesn’t have to be a burden! You can dress formally or informally and go undetected and comfortable.

Maybe the article could have been titled, how to dress for success or dressed to kill, or how lady can be beautifully dressed and be safe amidst a psychotic world. What if the title was Concealed Carry at the Art Gallery?

I thought the article was phenomenal addressing ladies carry, comfortably, legally and beautifully!

In addition, as @Shamrock stated, violence is proliferating around more family gatherings than ever before. I can assure you, I want my girls as safe as can be, no matter what the venue!
The last paragraph of the “Style Guide” said it all!
For the ladies…decide whether to carry concealed at your next “event”.


I am sure our members from Texas will appreciate your characterization of their state. What a ridiculous thing to write. Inaccurate and bigoted.


This. I don’t drink.

Also, the instructors, under whose tutelage I have trained, recommend carrying everywhere it’s legal. I realize it’s not apples to apples, but I don’t take my seat belt off in my car when I think I’m in a safe area and I don’t refuse to drive places where there might be a higher likelihood of needing a seat belt. So I disagree with the opening post.

I’m pretty sure I have carried to a wedding or two before.

This should not have to be stated in every article written in the publication. We are responsibly armed Americans. We know where we can and cannot carry. I’d rather have more of the valuable content than more disclaimers of “only carry where you are legal.”

I haven’t read the article. But after this post, I shall go read it.


Sorry but I have to add, that the states that are the most LAWLESS are the ones with the strictest gun laws, GO FIGURE!
So ladies, if you got’em carry’em!


I would consider carrying not because of the attending but because of the times we live in. Then theres potential threat from the mentally unbalanced that would like nothing better than to make a wedding venue the scene of a mass shooting. Better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have it.


There just isn’t anywhere that an event can be held that can be guaranteed 100% safe. There is no expectation of security anywhere in todays world. Me, I’m good with the ladies carrying, my firearms mentor is a gal that was brought up by FBI agents, she teaches exactly the stuff talked about in the article.


I carried a gun to my wedding and to the after wedding reception.

I don’t have the ability to know what places are guaranteed 100% safe, including the entire time traveling to and from those locations.


You’re the insult.


I don’t think you were clear enough tell us how you really feel! :rofl::rofl::rofl:




I gave my step sister away (twice, she is an optimist) at her wedding and was concealed carrying (hence the emphasis on concealed) both times.


A big part of the problem are those that are “I’m pro-2A, but…”, then the list of what we are not “allowed” to own, carry, when, where, how many rounds, calibers, etc., is provided. I am pro-1A, but only for those that share my views… Oh, wait, we are the ones being subjected to that, too. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I almost forgot, I carried at my own wedding and reception, but also in the wedding party to the wedding and reception of all of sibling’s weddings as well. A couple friend’s weddings and receptions also.

I don’t know if any of the women were. But, since it would be a situation for concealed carry…how would I know


I had a professor awhile back explain the word but to me and she was pretty on the money

somethingsomething BUT something somethingsomething

Behold Underlying Truth


Its is not ridiculous or paranoid to be armed at every location possible these days. I would love to be allowed to carry while at work but being armed is prohibited by law (which IS ridiculous!) at my place of employment.


Sorry to disagree with you but it makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE to where I am going or what activities I am participating in, I am carrying! Tell that to the church goers in SC “You’re at church, what can happen?”. Tell that to the movie goers in CO “You’re at the movies, what can happen?” I can come up with plenty of instances to where if at least one person was carrying it may, and probably would have, made a difference. Wedding reception to a concert, I assure you I am armed!


(I believe in the 2A but…) crowd. Maybe another year would be good. :slightly_smiling_face: