Concealed carry in Montana and Idaho National Parks

To those of you that live in Montana and Idaho. I will be visiting in late June for some hiking with my wife, and for protection I want to bring my firearm. I am a CCL holder in Illinois and do have reciprocity in both states. My question, do any of the locals recommend not carrying while hiking? I know I can’t go into any federal building, but I just want to make sure I can protect my wife and myself while we hike in the mountains. I have read many forms and I figured I would ask the locals. Here in Illinois, which our state sucks, certain counties bans all firearms on the property and some allow us to carry on them while hiking. Thanks


I was in glacier national Park last in summer 2017, and some hikers were open carrying. I noted a owb Glock on one, and a huge stainless 10" 454 Cassul in a cross draw rig on another. Presumably for bears. Probably weighed 5lbs. Yikes.

Go to Costco after you arrive there and buy a two pack of Bear spray with holsters. About $50. They do have grizzlies there… And it’s good for use on all too curious or despicable critters, two or four legged, big and small. :wink:

Thanks for the info, and that is exactly why I was thinking about carrying. I also have bear spray and as a last ditch effort, I would feel more comfortable with my firearm. Thanks for the quick response.

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If you’re hiking far, be careful about wandering over the northern border with your weapon, eh? They don’t look kindly on weapons in Waterton, and there’s no fence. Just Bears, Mounties and Border Agents wandering around also…

Beautiful country!

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The .454 Casull works much better and probably at 100% when used properly.

I would check with the laws of those 2 states I honestly don’t know.

If you are talking about National Parks, then you would need to follow their rules. A number of years ago they passed, federally, that yes you can carry in National Parks. Check the parks you want to visit though.

Idaho is a Constitutional Carry State. Montana is not, completely anyway.

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You can always find out more about if you can legally carry in National Parks here, @michael254:

We keep all of our reciprocity pages up to date on a daily basis. :slight_smile:

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