Backpacking in the NF

When my kids were young we followed several two tracks into the national forest, since then, the two tracks have been closed down . There Is a campground about 2 miles away and I know which trails to follow to get to where we used to camp. I’m disabled now but I want to take the chance and backpack In to where we used to camp and hunt. This would be in the Huron national forest. I always have my edc with me and, come night time I’m planning to set up my small backpack tent near but concealed near where we used to camp.
Now my questions are this…
#1; Is it possible to stealth camp in Michigan…
#2; Is it ok to carry (concealed) in Michigan’s national forest ?
#3; After my camp is set up (I’m planning to camp for 3 days) I’m planning to have a flask of my favorite Irish whisky , so, what are the rules about having my pistol put away in my pack, in my tent ?
I figure I only have one camp out left in me (my wife & friends think I’m crazy) but I have a deep love for the woods an a time when we could wander free and not have to stick to “designated trails & paths, & rules. With pack, I’m only planning to hike about two miles, set up camp, & walk around where I used to camp& hunt.
Thanks all


I am an outdoors person myself and there’s nothing I would want to see more than you getting back to those camp grounds but just research the concealed carry laws of that national forest. On that note brother, Carry On.


WONDERFUL IDEA!!! Bring more whiskey, stay a few days longer, and have the time of your life!!! When we hunt national forest, we always carry a firearm (we have wolves and other 4 legged predators) concealed as we are wearing lots of clothing, esp in the fall. Carry a gps. Make some good ol camp coffee, and wake up to the smell of pine!!! Again have fun!!

My mrs always says…“life is an adventure.”


@Thomas109 #1 Don’t get caught. #2 Yes. if you have a CC permit or you can open carry in MI.
#3 Thats a “gray area”. If no one finds you go for it. Have fun. :+1:
I wouldn’t pack my gun away, to many large carnivores in dem woods, I have had many close encounters over the years and always glad I was armed. Be so, so careful with the fire.
If you don’t do this you will regret it. :smiley:


Most people do not realize this but the United States Fish and Wildlife Services officers have what are arguably the most far ranging and discretionary powers of all law enforcement officers.

In this current environment there is no way, I would take the chance.


Meaning that if I do go ,it would have to be without PPE ?!

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