Not a fan of open carry except---

When back packing in the National Forest. There is real crime in them hills and it looks to be getting more serious, with meth labs, cartels and assorted deviates trying to escape civilization,
I could cite cases, but you get the idea. Having to draw a concealed handgun from under a back pack is time consuming and just wearing a pistol on your belt might encourage a BG to back off if they invade your campsite.
But my state doesn’t allow open carry, anywhere.
Except when hunting.
That requires a hunting license of course, and a critter that’s got an open season on him.

I need to talk this over with the rangers of course, but two more considerations need considering,
The gun and ammunition.

A firearm needs to of the type to be allowed for hunting.under the Fish and Game code. Generally there is a difference between big game and small game, but there is seldom a open season for big game unless it’s Boar,
Barrel length has to be 4" minimum.
Cartridges also have to be lead free for hunting here, and if I remember right—JHP or JSP.
I don’t know if magnum calibers are still required but they were at one time,

There are probably other considerations I’m not yet aware of, The rangers should fill me in.
Obviously my J frame isn’t going to make the cut although I can carry it concealed, it doesn’t weigh me down and is compact…

I thought I’d ask here for any suggestions.

Have you considered carrying in a different position, @John292 while you have the pack on?

Does the hunting permit dictate what size firearm/ammo you need to use? Can you have multiple guns on you while hunting?

I would think that a rifle or shotgun would be a pretty big deterrent for anyone trying to escape civilization…

For backpacking I would consider a chest holster. Gunfightersinc is the only company I know off the top of my head. The advantage is that it won’t be buried beneath your pack. If you’re using a heavy pack with chest straps it might be a problem, it just depends on where the straps ride.

What about defence against 4 legged threats. You didnt mention this concern.

Not a problem around my neck of the woods, unless you take pizza with you on hikes.

I could see that if my purpose for being there is to hunt, but mostly I take photographs.
Besides having a sidearm in a holster would allow me to do camp chores easier than dealing with a rifle in a sling, or “stacked” where an uninvited guest might gain access to it.

Ou might just carry that JFrame in a pocket holster in front pocket. Handy, easy to reach (you can just “ stand there” with a hand in your pocket and look innocent) while being ready for a draw if need be. For open carry Whatever you’re comfortable with. Most times I’m in the wood there’s a .357 or …44 handy.

Chest Holster, or Alaska Holster. Perhaps that AND a tactical holster on your thigh.

I’m a Tennessean and have open carried from the start which was the mid 80’s and really feel handicapped when I travel to States that require it , and trust me there is not a conceal carrying style I haven’t tried. I guess it’s what you feel comfortable with , I have had a few people in my State that don’t feel comfortable open carrying , but in all the years I’ve carried I’ve only been ask why 3 times and it was from people that conceal , my answer is if I ever need it God forbid it’s there and every second could count. Now before judgement, look at the time I’ve carried plus I’m 4th Dan TKD but with all that we only really have a 50/50 chance if you have to pull your weapon. So the bottom line is weather open or conceal try different setups until your comfortable about it. STAY SAFE.

I really enjoy the information , from USCCA and happy to be a member after leaving NRA , I have always been a person that stays up to date in my State as will as the States that honor the gun permit I carry and I feel very confident in my training , but I also know there’s always room for improvement , keep training and be smart everyone. AGAIN THANKS USCCA HOPE I NEVER NEED TO USE YOU FOR AN INCIDENT.

Hello John; This is a great question and one that I have asked myself often in regards to the most efficient way to carry with a pack on. What I decided to do was modify an IWB holster (by increasing the size of the retention clip) to clip onto my pack’s waist belt. So my holster is tucked inside the waist belt and against my pack’s right hip pad (added comfort). I also added a small diameter elastic cord (with open end clip) to the holster to assist in retaining my firearm for when I am taking the pack off or putting it on.

I decided on this configuration rather than a chest holster for comfort and range-of-motion when carrying a heavy pack.

In terms of whether this holster configuration is concealed enough for your state- I’m not sure. But, my Glock 29 is pretty well protected (concealed?) behind the waist belt of my pack and readily accessible if needed.

I don’t know if this helps but if you want photos or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.