Concealed carry as a petite women

I just recently obtained my CWP. My everyday carry is usually my Walther PPS or my Hellcat. However I have yet to find a holster that I can use for appendix carrying. I am 5 ft even and petite. Are there any suggestions or advice on any holsters? All comments welcomed! Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the community @Neyka. We have ladies here to answer your question using their own personal experiences. The only thing I might suggest is looking into a bellyband type of rig.

Several are available and both my Wife and I have them for certain situations and wardrobe choices.

Stay safe out there.

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Thank you for the advise! I will definitely look into those. I know that I will have to have several ways to carry depending on the weather. So I did not think if the belly band, so thanks again.

Good for you for seeking advice. My daughter is about your size and she carries AIWB (just like dad :sunglasses:) in an inexpensive Uncle Mike’s thin fabric holster. She’s very athletic and slim an dresses accordingly in slim jeans and thin tailored shirts and t-shirts.

Before anyone scoffs at this advice because they are cheap holsters, I can tell you the advice was passed on to her by a Sr. SF friend/mentor and she herself was attached to SF for 10 years of active military service with several deployments to Bagram and other more dangerous bases in the ME.

The negatives to these holsters is that they get “dirty” and my daughters response is at $13 I buy them 5 at a time and throw them out when they get worn out and open up a new one. I’ve also heard it’s tough to reholster your gun in a hurry. For the life of me I can’t come up with a situation in which I’ll be looking to reholster my gun in a hurry. Needs to come out fast, yes! Needs to go back in, yep, I’ll take my sweet time…

Anyway I’ve adopted these holster as one of my tools and they are probably as comfortable and concealable an option out there and many folks pass on them because they are not high money and you can buy them at “gasp” Walmart.

If it works for you, it’s good kit…


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I answered this for a friend recently. While I don’t have direct experience, I bookmarked a bunch of people who do:

I believe Armed and Styled at some point said she is about 5ft tall. She picked the Phlster Enigma holster which is like a quasi bellyband with kydex hybrid thing. She has several good videos including how her choices evolved, bellyband vs Enigma, and a pair of Enigma specific videos here and here.


Are your shirts to tight and printing?

Welcome @Neyka!

@Harvey provided a lot of good links.

I unfortunately don’t much to add but just wanted to welcome you to the community.

Welcome, @Neyka! I’m sure you’ll get all the advice you could ever want or need here. Lots of good folks willing to share their experience will be along, I’m sure.

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