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I carry a Werkz AIWB holster. Here is a link to their site that shows the “wedge” that is being referred to. Werkz calls it a “claw”.

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Thank you will look into!


Hard to get much smaller in 9mm than the P365. That is my primary carry. I also have a Ruger LCP Max in .380 for when I want to be as discreet as possible.

The photo that @Frank73 linked to is the kind of wedge I was talking about. There are a lot of different holsters that come with it. Some come with multiple wedges of different thicknesses so you can adjust between really tucked into your body or not quite as tight for comfort and easier draw.


Thank you. I had no idea there was such a thing.

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This is something that may help, Check it out.


Hey @Cheryl12 can you give more detail on what holsters you are trying and what prints on each one?

This other thread may be helpful to get some ideas.


I’m in NE FL so understand the need to wear light shirts. I normally carry around 3:30 if my belt loops allow it. When I look in the mirror, I can definitely see the outline of the grip. This bothered me a lot when I first started carrying, but soon realized that most people are too engrossed in their phones or other things to notice. Also, in that position, normal arm movement helps hide it.

I suggest finding a comfortable holster that tucks it in as far down as you’re comfortable with and just go with it. Being too conscious about it makes it more likely that people will notice you messing with it, but would otherwise not have noticed the printing.

Good luck!


When I moved from Michigan to Florida, I also moved the location of my carry from 4 O’clock to AIWB due to the warmth and my wardrobe.

I find that AIWB carry also makes things a bit easier for me with regard to my draw and stance.

Stay safe out there.

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When I started carrying a gun, I felt like I had a short barrel rifle strapped on, and everyone was staring at me. In reality, most people would not notice a bulge, or would think it was your cell phone. Try asking some close friends if they notice any bulge.

I feel you on the heat, I am in Louisiana! I usually carry a full sized 1911 or a Glock 45. The Sig 365 is a great sized gun for carry.

Unless your gun getting accidentally exposed is considered brandishing in your state, I would not worry about it too much. Finding the right holster that is comfortable is more of an issue with me.


I’ve used Crucial Concealment with Nextbelt. My ‘extra padding’ (fat) pushes the grip out from my body. I’ve tightened the belt to try to keep it closer, but that digs in an bunches up my shorts, and when I need to use the bathroom, the weight of the gun pulls my short to the floor. OK if I’m at home, but gross when I’m not. I also have the ComfortTac fanny pack. I like that because it’s comfortable and holds my phone and credit cards. I’m not one to carry a purse so it works for me. I really need to practice a draw on that because the holster is inside a zippered compartment. I have stopped shopping for holsters after that because I know too many people who have bought a lot of holsters they don’t use, and they’re expensive.

Johnnyq60’s suggestion looks like it would be a good answer. I am also eager to check out your links as well. It will be good to see her journey to find the right product for her. The belly band style keeps drawing me in because it eliminates the pants falling down issue.

My shirts are at least long enough that stretching or reaching up would not expose the gun.

Thanks everyone for your input!


Interesting watching these videos. It looks like the grips not turning into the body is a general problem, not mine specifically. So much to learn…


Your Nextbelt is a good belt, that is unlikely to be the cause of printing issues. A “bad” gun belt will be flimsy and allow the firearm to flop or droop, but you shouldn’t need to worry there.

Although you didn’t mention a model, the first thing I noticed on Crucial Concealment is that they don’t have a dedicated Appendix Carry holster (AIWB). Many folks will just use any old IWB holster in the appendix position (between 12ish to 2ish o’clock) because they think that is “just as good”, and in reality it is far from ideal. There are subtle changes to design for AIWB and a good AIWB holster will support a claw and a wedge which helps tuck the grip of the firearm towards your body and reduce printing.

The claw is a small extension of the holster which leverages against your belt to turn the grip of the pistol towards your body. You can think of it as rotating on the axis of your barrel.

The wedge is literally a “wedge shape” on the bottom of the holster along the barrel. Some holster makers will form the kydex into a wedge, but most will just allow a space for a wedge shaped piece of foam to be placed there. The wide part is at the very bottom and the narrow part is towards the top. The purpose of the wedge is to push against your body, pivoting on the axis of the belt, to push the top of the firearm towards your body. The wedge, being made of foam (usually), also makes the holster more comfortable.

NOTE: you can make your own “wedge” on an existing holster by getting one of those gel heel cups (like a Dr Schols) and tape/glue it onto your holster. The gel is shockingly comfortable :wink: although I don’t recommend it as a permanent solution.

The other part of a good AIWB holster is ensuring proper length along the barrel. If the length of the holster is too short (or the holster is riding too high) you don’t have enough holster below the belt to counteract the push of your body on the top/grip area and you get “tip out”. Tip out is what you are describing where the top of the firearm/holster leans forward away from your body. Often, you just need more length below the belt-line. A good AIWB holster maker will make sure you have enough holster for a short barrel firearm (like P365) by just extending it a inch or so, that will leave a little empty space at the end of the holster, but that is OK it doesn’t affect retention or anything like that.

If you intend to carry in the appendix position, I very highly recommend you get a dedicated appendix (AIWB) holster, that is designed for carry in that position and has a claw and wedge setup. I personally like JM Custom Kydex (Wing Claw 2.0 model) and Tier 1 Concealed (Axis Elite), but there are several other makers as well. The important bit is that you get one designed for AIWB.

I see that maybe buying another holster is maybe not in the cards to avoid buying 100 holsters like everyone else, but I think if you want to carry AIWB an AIWB holster is almost required. I say “almost” because there are folks who use IWB in AIWB without problems, but the problems you are describing are exactly what an AIWB should be designed to solve.

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My daughter purse carries. There’s a few good companies out there making purses for it if you’re interested; it’s different than a holster on the body carry, but has been working well for her. If she is in a dangerous or questionable situation, she can unzip the side zipper concealing the P365 she carries and put her hand on it and be ready at a second’s notice. No one would really notice unless looking for someone doing that, and if needed, in my state it’s not illegal to fire through the purse wall. For a non-print holster? Not sure about that. I use a standard AIWB kydex on my P365, and adjust my clothing purchases to conceal.


Thank you for this detailed information! You have certainly made me much more knowledgeable about how to shop for holsters and what to look for. The bellyband vs Enigma video was eye-opening and explains why I haven’t been happy with my cancan, it nailed the issues I was having. My Crucial Concealment holster is owb. I thought with my loose fitting shirts I could just use the NextBelt and an owb holster when the heat indexes top 100. Now I understand the “tip out” problem I was having.

As well, I didn’t even know about claws and wings of a holster. Even if I didn’t I didn’t have any idea what it meant to the functionality. About the only thing I ever got from anyone I asked is, “you have to see what is comfortable for you.” Now I have more knowledge to shift through what is out there. Thank you so much!!


Thank you Jesse!

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People don’t pay attention. what you think is obvious is typically only visible to other people who carry.


I also carry appendix with a Keepers concealment Errand. I live in Oklahoma so it gets pretty hot here as well. I usually wear a tucked in t-shirt with another on top. It’s a little warmer that way, but I don’t like it rubbing on me directly. Keepers concealment has the wedge. I come out and say to the Mrs, “yes or no” and she is wrong 50 percent of the time, so it hides pretty well for me.


IMO Comfort is extremely important. If it’s uncomfortable, realistically you aren’t going to wear it. Sometimes it requires wearing your belt a little higher or lower, or maybe just at a slightly different spot on your belt (1230 vs 1 o’clock for example). And often having different holster/firearm combinations that work with different clothing is helpful.

@Joseph161 brought up a good one. Keepers Concealment makes excellent AIWB holsters and was one of the original leaders in that market. Spencer Keeper is a “large” man and he has lots of tips on concealment. Search youtube for “spencer keepers” to see him speak on the subject of AIWB.


Recently I got a holster from Tier1 Concealment with double clips and the concealment claw. I added one of their wedges under it and it conceals very well. I can actually wear slimmer fitted tshirts without printing. It seems like the combination of the double clips, claw, and foam wedge help to keep it pushed against you.


Wife and I live here in mid-Florida so we know your pain. Now first thing you are your own worst critic about how much you are printing everyone is your not alone. Cindy stays away from solid colors when possible (further breaks up the outline). Ladies usually have more of a concealment issue if they try to carry on the point of the hip move off of the 3 & 9 position. Since she teaches a lot of women here in central Florida Cindy is quite familiar with most every form of holster for the ladies. Even belly bands if the Can-Can doesn’t work there are lots of other versions/brands out there. But remember you only feel like your carrying a AR15 under your shirt most of the world runs around in condition white and never sees what your carrying.