Conceal Carry Study

I can see why that is happening when the police are not allowed to do their jobs and the crooks are let out of prison early. We have to protect ourselves.


I am always open to a healthy debate… that is how we learn. I am willing to not only learn from the wisdom and experience of others. What I cannot deal with is arrogant people who have to be right no matter what and are willing to force that opinion on others, and that is when I let my mouth write a check my body can’t cash. When Dawn was running the show, IMHO, the conversations were a bit more civil, but the consequences she imposed were beyond facebook extreme, to certain folk, if her line was crossed.

OK, I’m finished with my latest rant… Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

Good morning Jerzy    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I prefer forums. I usual come up first in the morning. Kick back have my coffee an relax while conversing. Have talked to Dawn a couple times. Always positive. Yeah I'm sure being a moderator can be difficult at times.

Thx @Arnie_W . My Thanksgiving was great and I hope your was great as well.

Yes it is.
Especially being the only moderator that time, responsible for keeping the whole Community together.

Too bad @Dawn cannot speak for herself here. It’s so easy to attack and blame somebody who cannot defend him / herself. Looks she has been not active here for a year or so.
We all get own experience and I’m glad I hear more positives than negatives. That means the work done was a good work.
Take care!


FACTS speak for themselves. OPINIONS can vary and Dawn is still with USCCA if she chose to respond to FACTS or OPINIONS.

She DID banish members for a 1000 years-- FACT. She treated pro-2A members worse than anti-2A trolls and snowflakes-- OPINION (in some minds).

And you continue to speak what you don’t know.

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Yes, you are absolutely right. In every single word about the FACTS.

The fact is that people who don’t follow rules are gone. It’s not about who is pro 2A and who is not. Left or Right. As long as we keep ourselves and our posts within the rules - we are OK. Otherwise this Community becomes another social media filled with ":ox: :poop: ".

Believe me… I know.
I’ve been Member of this Community long enough…
I’ve discussed with many people who are not here anymore. They never knew where was the limit and when they should stop… they realized AFTER they were gone.
It was never about who was right, who was wrong, which opinion was more important, nor, as you posted - “had to be right no matter what and were willing to force that opinion on others.”
It was always about proper behavior, etiquette and respecting others.

And it will always be about proper behavior, etiquette and respecting others.

One more time, I encourage to read carefully Community Guidelines.

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You don’t know what you speak… I’ve been a part of this group much longer than you. I’ve seen smarter and wiser than you kicked off the site for 1000 years because of egotistical people such as yourself. YOU show that you know little of proper behavior, etiquette and respecting others. it is YOU who hijack threads and share what you don’t know and destroy decent conversations.

You are one of those who have to be always right. You are pompous and arrogant who think you are better than others. YOU are one of those who make this group worse.

I will no longer give you any thought. Now you and yours can flag this comment to silence me…


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Quick question… could those that have been banned not return with a different ip and email?? If them being gone is such a big thing, could they not just come back? Legitimate question, not smartassery…


No reason to flag any posts. Only people who want to hide something flag themselves or others.
I’m glad you finally decided to finish this conversation. It went nowhere. Did you get what were you looking for?
I don’t understand what you are trying to explain telling that smarter and wiser were kicked off… it only shows how not smart nor wise they were… :man_shrugging:

I’m glad you somehow admire my knowledge… and I’m not sure how come did you come to the conclusion I made this group worse. Which group? Yours? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Anyway, that was good to have a little different, than usually, conversation.
Take care. Sleep well. Be safe ! :v:

You can use different email to register… of course you need to be smart to not using the same personal info.

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Hello my name is Benny Benson, I’m 139 years old, and I love romantic walks on the beach and Pokemon… seems easy


Hello Benny. Welcome to the Community. Let’s talk about Concealed Carry Permits holders across the United States.
BTW. Do you prefer East of West Coast beaches? I also hope, you don’t mind if I ask you what is your favourite Pokemon?

Sincerely yours,


I prefer the gulf coast, actually. The states down there seem to be more 2A friendly. I’ve had a permit for several years and currently carry an XDM Elite or 1911 I hacked up, most of the time. My favorite Pokemon would have to be Charizard. Nice to meet you, yurij! What do you carry? :joy:

Gulf Coast you are saying, sir. Is this that place with beautiful white-sand beaches and exciting offshore fishing? Black coral with the oldest living things on Earth, variety of different species of sharks.
Such a lovely place. :heart:

It’s a shame we have to discuss guns instead of feeling the impression of World’s beauties…

Oops… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_peeking_eye: :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face:
I almost forgot… this is “the Place for Self-Defense Education, Training and Discussions with Responsibly Armed Americans”.

So let’s go back to the business:
I usually carry my laptop. I live in very quite place and there is no reason to bring any guns into the neighborhood. :joy:
I like the tool you chose - XDM Elite sounds great. I have to try it one day. 1911 sounds more familiar - which model exactly? 45 or 9? That is something we can definitely discuss about… referring to the topic of course.
Oh, I almost forgot to ask about the Pokemon? What made you decide to choose Charizard as your favourite Pokemon, if you allow me to ask you?

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On a side note, there’s a 007 marathon on, if anyone’s interested :+1:


Are you trying to steal the thread?


Not always white sand and clear water…some parts can get rather murky due to silt from the Mississippi, but it has it’s own beauty :heart_eyes: some sharks, but not many and always great fishing!! If you’re ever in south Louisiana, you’re more than welcome to give the XDM a shot or two. It’s pretty smooth, and eats everything so far. As far as the 1911, it’s a 70 series with a 5" barrel in the Lord’s caliber lol the way it was always intended :wink::joy: I tried to talk my wife into getting me a Staccato C for Christmas, but I built a few rifles the last couple months, so it was a no go… Charizard is my favorite because it’s the only card I never got as a kid. I yearned for the unobtained. I wanted one so bad I could taste it, but it never happened lol

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No, just a sidebar. Figured everyone enjoyed the realism 007 brings to the table, so to speak.

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I’ve been in south Louisiana… my wife made a nice picture of me…

A 2022-11-25 22-29-27

I loved the city of NO, I loved the food. Didn’t have a time to see all the beauty in 4 days, but I couldn’t refuse to follow James Bond’s steps and I visited all the places they made the movies. :muscle:

Hey, you must talk more with your wife and get Staccato ! :grin: Perhaps not this Christmas… but who knows? There are still few other occasions. :wink:
If you go with 2011, are you thinking more about single or double stack?

And I’m sorry, I skip the Pokemon discussion… I have zero knowledge about them… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Very nice!! I’m only about 45 minutes from NO. The food there can’t be beat… other than some cream cheese puffs from Hruska’s in Ellinger, Tx. I would like a double stack, but I’d be more than happy with either. I don’t even know if I’d shoot it if I had one, they’re too nice! I’d also like to get a couple really nice 1911’s for the collection. Maybe something like this, but not any time soon.

I don’t know much about Pokemon either… Just the one card lol

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