Conceal Carry for the Ladies

Hello!! I am a new gun owner, very excited, getting my CC license in September. I live in PA. I have a question regarding CC for my SW 9 mm EZ which is a large gun I think to CC. Any suggestions on how to carry this on my person? It is quite heavy and on the larger side but I feel good about it as being my first weapon and after I get more conversant and comfortable then I can move onto something smaller. Any ideas would be highly appreciated and have a great weeknd.


Ladies have many different issues and options than men. Size isn’t necessarily an issue depending on what you wear and how you carry.

This video is a bit long, but she shows numerous ways to CC: Numerous CC options for Females

This one shows another lady CC a .50 cal Desert Eagle, skip to about 2:13 in the video: CC .50 cal Desert Eagle

You may also want to view some options available here, too: The Well-armed Woman

[Edit]: I meant to also state that I CC a full-frame .45. I am average build and height. Clothing choice matters.

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I would suggest 4 o’clock position either IWB or OWB or if you feel comfortable carrying appendix go for it. I know people that conceal carry S&W 9mm EZ and they carry it the way I suggested to you. The gun really is not difficult to conceal. Hope this helps and hope your journey in concealed carry is successful.

Thank you I will try it out!!

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Thank you!!! I will look at those videos now. And I do agree The Well Armed Woman is a great site I have to spend more time there, now that I have off this weekend you reminded me and I do have the time!! Thank you for your suggestions and thank you for taking the time to reply.

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My mrs carries for the choice of dress, and sometimes carries different firearms for choice of dress. Most of the time she carries in her purse, that weighs a ton, and purse carry has advantages and disadvantages. We both carry heavy firearms. Dave’s and Johnny’s suggestions are excellent. Ask any questions, there is a lot of great people here.

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Congratulations on the CC License, @iamthephoenix! The SW M&P EZ is a great gun and the single stack design makes it a bit easier to conceal than some of the double stack carry guns.

There are a number of different ways to conceal any gun (as some of the guys here have pointed out). One thing that I’ve found helps me figure out how I’d like to carry specific guns (based on size) is I get a sticky holster which is easily moved adjusted to decide how I want to carry (location/cant). Then, if I want to, I can get another holster that has some way of attaching to my belt.

I went from carrying at 4:30/5:00 to appendix carry because I like having the firearm in front of me in a crowd (when there were crowds :wink: ) and it’s personally more comfortable in the car for me as well.

Like purses, finding the best holster for you may take some time. I’m still looking for a purse I love :smiley:

Let us know what you end up trying, @iamthephoenix!


Dawn, how do you feel about a striker fired gun carried AIWB in a soft sided holster?

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That is how I figured out which holsters I wanted, too, though mine was a cheap nylon one that had various ways to attach it, $15 well-spent. Though I still wasted money on one holster that did not work for me.

The problem with soft-sided inside the waistband is much more difficult to impossible to reholster while inside the waistband. I have one that is leather backed with a Kydex front that worked well for me. Belly a bit too big for comfort now. :upside_down_face: