Conceal Carry for Fat Men

Ehhhh I’m not sure about that one. I need to be able to reach it easily without publicly showing everyone that I have a gun on my chest. Additionally every time you bend over you’re pointing the gun to your guts, which is bad news.

Unfortunately that’s another belt, which I’m trying to avoid. Thank you though.

That looks pretty cool; however, the problem isn’t the belt, it’s that the suspenders move too much and the gun ends up pulling my pants down WAY too far.


Again, sorry, this requires me to wear a belt, which is what I have to avoid medically.


@CitizenPrayer >> Mike is ok ; he just needs a nap, then he won’t be so rude.


Two questions, in 12 parts! LOL
Prefaced by, that looks comfortable and we look to be about the same size.
Is that your EDC? Come to think of it, do you change rigs according to social or business functions?
P.S. I never do. No matter the occasion or the number of people.

Would you consider that an easier draw from under a button down, a pullover or both?

Would you consider that a quicker draw from below your chin or from the traditional hip at 4:00 depending on the type of shirt?

I can see the advantages of that rig in a car!

Part deux … since the world has come to this, I’m thinking of soft body armor, would a rig like that still hold up and not print on top of body armor? In other words, would my chest look too big for my arms?

As you know, I comfortably wear billowing, low key, Hawaiian shirts w/an IWB rig at 4:pm. I can reach, bend, jump, hug and Tango ( I’m much too reserved to do the FBI “flip dance” ) and never print.


@Scott52, Wassup buddy? I only wear it at home when I am just relaxing. Although I have worn it on a quick run to do an errand; store, drive through, etc. with a baggie shirt on. I wouldn’t consider it EDC. It is very comfortable though and it is adjustable. To answer your question as far as it being easier to draw, it is because it is easily accessible to get to from standing or sitting. It’s good for people who like to open carry, not my cup of tea because I like the element of surprise. As far as in a car remember you have to wear a seatbelt and that might be a problem because it goes across your chest. In the winter time you may get over with body armor and wearing the rig over the body armor because you’re wearing heavy clothing. All good questions brother but I only wear it while I’m home just in case someone gets froggy I have easy access to it and can quickly draw it if needed.


@Johnnyq60 Remember the days when relaxing meant a beer,
BBQ and some friends?
Today it means a chest rig, hollow point points and is there one in the chamber! Times they sure have changed.
Awesome response, cleared up a lot! I’ll stick with my normal EDC IWB at 4:00.


Any time brother @Scott52, and I definitely remember those days. I do carry one in the chamber.


I finally found this picture in my files. It is my back-up gun:


Didn’t read all the replies. I’m 320-330. I carry iwb (crossbreed reckoning) at 3:30-4:00. I wear an undershirt tucked in then a regular tee untucked and have no issues at all. I have a KORE belt that is super comfortable and keeps my pants where they are supposed to be. On days I don’t want to carry my semi auto, I’ll pocket carry a revolver in a sticky holster.


You may not have read all the replies, but you have been reading my mail!

I add suspenders if I’m wearing a loose shirt over the undershirt.