Comfort or Stealth

Great question.
My direct answer is “watever it takes to be (legally) armed at all times.

That said, I encountered a wardrobe challenge just recently, as I’ve been moving away from mostly tees & pullovers with heans to a hair dressier with this sort of long sleeve shirt:

Have one like this in white and my Clinger “gear” holster would stand out, glaring with my 5” 1911. The solution? A tucksbke 2 point clip Clinger with a white tee tucked over to hide the black. I don’t tuck in buttoned shirts unless a suit is involved-rarity-so this is an adaptation I’d suggest trying for folks who wear white button down shirts w/o a jacket.
Now this goes to the comfort question bc this method delete a tee between holster and skin. I’ll deal with it unless it starts drawing blood then would head to a tailor to figure things out.

I’d like to highlight that carrying concealed isn’t just something we choose from day to day. It’s a lifestyle and requires adaptions with wardrobe.

I used to be the baggy/tactical clothing guy. Now I’m the unnoticeable middle age man in the crowd.
Stealth AND comfort can be had, it simply takes thought + effort. At the end of the day I wanna go home or somewhere via a stretcher? EDC. EVERY day carry.
If budget is a concern I suggest maybe trimming cost a hair on hardware and use it for a tailor or different clothing style altogether. Carrying ain’t easy and it ain’t cheap.


I am lucky, my LCP Max has a ‘pleather’ Houston holster, it’s comfortable and stealthy. Or it’s in the SuperFly and in the pocket.

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