Coffee Liqueur

When I was in Aruba the first time, many years ago, I had a local rum-based coffee liqueur that was amazing. Not being able to source it, I have since been making my own version of that, with usually a cold brew half-and-half blend of Kenya AA and Sidamo coffee. I have done other blends and singles, but not enjoyed them as much. I previously had enjoyed Tia Maria, but since making my version, I don’t like that much anymore. My version is less sweet, so that the coffee flavor is most prominent, and I make so strong that the coffee hits stronger than at least a double-shot of espresso - I love it!

Does anyone here make any liqueurs?


I’ve never tried a coffee liqueur. I can make my own wine and stuff. I like to experiment with different things and see how it goes…sometimes it works out, sometimes i wish I hadn’t…
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