Clean, or Lots of Stuff

I see lots of people glamourizing their EDC with lots of crap like lights, lasers, optics…etc. They put on special mag well flares, use fancy base plates, threaded barrels, after market triggers, upgraded guide rods, and spring packages… I mean the list is endless.

But, something in my head says… Look, the manufacturer went through a lot of trouble to design and test this. I’m not an engineer. I want it to work when it has to work, no questions asked. I’ve seen people say as much, to basically leave your EDC alone, carry it as issued… .don’t mess with it.

What is the popular opinion here? My current EDC is a Canik TP9sc, and it came with the optic… but that was factory installed, and I love shooting with an RMR… it seriously helps with older eyes. I’m sure this is going to come down to personal preference, but its got the hallmarks of a nice online debate. Let me know what you think.

Greg / Orlando Fl


You are right, it is personnel preference, for me my EDC has nothing on it as far as the above mentioned and never will, I don’t believe in putting all that fancy stuff on a firearm rifle or pistol, but if that is what people want to do, it’s their choice, go for it.


I have a removable light on mine and I changed the fixed rear sight to an adjustable because the origional shot 3ins. high at 25yds. and 5 to 6 at 50yds. I consider both essential for improved shooting. :+1:


Yeap, as already mentioned - all is about personal preferences.
For me EDC has to be reliable AND simple. More fancy stuff - more potential issues.

Reliable should be out of the box, however it depends on manufacturer… :zipper_mouth_face:
I’ve owned few handguns before I’ve found the perfect one.

Your CanikTP9 shouldn’t need anything… it’s so great by default. I’ve never shot it, but this is the same as my PPQ… and that one was great without any additions. Both are perfectly designed.
My current EDC - M&P9 definitely needed upgrades. I don’t know why S&W engineers never listen end users (perhaps all is about the low production costs), but if they do… M&P would be the best self defense handgun ever made. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, what I’ve noticed…even I don’t need any attachments, the TOTAL price for EDC handgun eventually stays on the same level. If I buy cheap tool - I have to add money to make it good… or I just spend more money upfront and nothing needs to be done.


If anyone reading this is not familiar with the Canik pistols, do yourself a favor and check them out. The Elite series is fantastic!


I still prefer Walther PPQ… :wink:
But to be honest Canik is a perfect clone for less money for sure !

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I also have the Walther PPS M2, which I like for very small carry, its an outstanding pistol… but when I want more rounds, then I use the TP9sc. And that has an optic, the M2 is just plain old OEM.


Canik made a great decision adding features missed in Walther firearms.

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I’m still not sure how one company can almost perfectly copy someone else’s designs and get away with that. But it is what it is. And, as you stated… they take feedback, and release new, enhanced, upgraded versions… they meet the demand of their customers… that’s one of the reasons why I’ve gotten more than just one in the stable.


My edc is plain jane.


I add a Hogue grip to my 43x and upgraded to Shield Arms 15 round magazine. As for added bells and whistles, nope. Plain and simple.


I tend to keep my EDCs stock.


I only upgrade two things to insure my $183 Taurus PT111 G2 wouldn’t fail on me in a crunch. It’s my first handgun. People claim I should upgrade my trigger and sights. But why when those are fine? It’s a hobby more than just self-defense. My AR is not for self-defense. It’s for fun at the range.


Currently, my Beretta APX Compact is clean (and shiny! sooo shinyyyy) although it does have a small under the barrel rail. I don’t think I’ll add anything to this one, although if I ever find the full-sized one I’m looking for I might put a Hi-intensity light on it. Then, of course, I’ll have to hunt high and low for a customized lefty holster for it, and the holster box will then have 3 unused holsters in it.
I can see how people have a dozen or more holsters in a box now. You start with just one, but then you see a new, shiny one, and another one in the box…and another one in and another one in, another one in the box…

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I couldn’t resist (again)


My EDC(Sig P365) got a sight upgrade, as mentioned above it was for personal preference not because of OEM issues

My “Duty/Truck” gun is barely recognizable as a Glock 19, plenty of upgrades because as I’ve trained and improved my skills I became capable of doing more things. The gun needed to keep up. My AR’s have evolved in a very similar fashion.

Glock upgrades include a Ranger Swag trigger (while drop in replacement)
XS F8 night sights
Stream Light TLR8
Tungsten guide rod (just playing around with balance for faster follow up shots)
Nomad 9 Frame (newest upgrade)

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3 season carry pt111. One has arma laser one without. Done. Winter ccw. Canik tp9 long slide as is. add a light to this that one for house weapon. Thinking about a smaller canik for ccw. Just a nice weapon, really like their triggers.


I fall into that HIGHLY MODIFIED category. There is not ONE single piece of my Officers Model that has not received a new part, replacement part or been modified in some way. All by me and all for a specific purpose. My mods and parts are not “bolted on” but installed and hand fitted. Colt made a fine pistol but as I became more proficient and experienced new things I enhanced it to perform better.

Yes I have a flared mag well but it is also my mainspring housing. I have extended controls that I have shaped, fitted and contoured. The barrel has been throated and ramped to the point that I can feed empty cases from the magazine. At north of several hundred thousand rounds I have peened the rails and squoze the slide three times and then lapped it in. I have worn out hammers, sears, disconetors, pins and more springs than I can remember. I’m on my third set of sites and I need new ones.

I’m not a fan of lasers and lights or optics on a SD gun but to each hi/her own. I tried to color coordinate the gun once but after re-bluing the carbon steel parts for the 4th time I gave up and “Sweat Patina and Thumb Oil Blue” are my new colors of choice to go with Scratched Stainless.



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I think it is a personal choice, some people want the Kardashian look for their firearms. I chose to change things to make my firearms custom to what I need.

My EDC is a G19 which I changed to Tritium sights, undercut the trigger guard, added a Talon grip, and a SI comp. I wanted it to feel better in the grip, better sight acquisition even in twilight, and reduced muzzle flip.
My home pistol is a G30SF, G21 mag, with a Olight PL-Mini, double undercut on the trigger guard, and Talon grip.
Added a DD 3.0 connector to each and dumped the scissor trigger shoes that kept eating up my finger.

Eyes are getting older, hands are the most in between size possible so I want the best proper grip possible.

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We’ve disgusted the potential legal consequences of using a highly modified gun as a self defenses tool in other places on this forum.

I personally don’t want a highly modified gun as my edc. I carry M&P. The only thing I’ve changed is my sights. I don’t really want to change the triggers, there’s no need for a stipple job on the 2.0s,

I would say if your upgrading a EDC, than just have good reason for the upgrade. Don’t do silly things like put a punished skull baseplate on a gun you carry for self defense.

BUT if you put grip tape on the gun, “I wanted a good grip so I could be safe”. If you upgraded the trigger, “I upgraded it to be more accurate and safe”.

I personally wouldn’t change any internal part on an edc, but with my M&Ps I don’t really need to.

If it’s a range toy, do what you want as long as you’re safe.