Chicago Laws on Firearms and Knives? Discussion on Cook Counties silly laws

I was reading through a Chicago ordinance from July 2nd of 2010 trying to see if it would be okay to move there again. I recently acquired a few things like knives and firearms. I got a glock 42 with lots of trimmings for concealed carry and a microtech double edge knife which could be classified as a switch blade. After reading through I found that the limit “laser sights” which unfortunately is part of the only light I could find with a holster for the 42. Also, it looks like cook county had a section that banned the possession of a switch blade despite a new law for Illinois making it legal to own in Illinois. I was curious if this specific laws would still apply in cook county or if it was updated since the new law in Illinois. The light is more of a frustration and PSA than a question.
This is what I am reading for context:

Also if this is old and doesn’t apply anymore let me know as I am not a lawyer and I am very confused by what cook county deems appropriate. Lots of these things seem silly to me.

Thank you also for that fine article; I saved it to read. I’m local. From what I personally read, humbly speaking, I read that for legal reasons, in Chicago:

The blade can only be two inches in length at maximum, the sharp end can only exist on one side, not both sides of the blade, and it cannot be a switch type blade nor spring assisted. I think I went through about five blades before I found one that is not spring assisted but opens very quickly with practice.

Among other restrictions, firearms cannot have a laser. So I opted to purchase a non-laser-ed one.

I sometimes carry mace type of gel spray (the kind which emits almost in a straight thin line, not a cloud), flash lights which offer strobe, and a laser light pen (not to use with a firearm, but just in case needed to deter an assailant). I studied Karate as a child, but need to get back in shape.

Stay safe, and healthy neighbor.