Chicago is NOT serious about Gun Crimes

4 men, 4 guns, a 50-round ammo magazine, but only 1 felony charge from prosecutors? That’s Chicago

> Chicago police seized four weapons and a 50-round ammunition magazine after officers saw four men openly displaying guns amidst a large gathering outside a Near West Side housing complex early Saturday, authorities said.
**> **
> But prosecutors only approved felony charges against one of the accused men. All of the others, charged with misdemeanor unlawful use of a weapon, were released on recognizance bonds.
**> **
> The decision to only pursue misdemeanors against men accused of openly displaying guns during a late-night gathering on the Fourth of July weekend may reflect new priorities in the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

> Last month, Foxx’s top data officer held a “training session” for Chicago journalists in which he said CPD was not “arresting the right people” for illegal gun possession in the city. A lot of people whose first arrests are for gun possession “will forever be marked as a felon [and end up with] different life choices as a result of this,” WBEZ quoted Matthew Saniie as telling journalists.

Here’s something interesting:

> The front seat passenger, Clarence Williams, had been seen in the front passenger seat displaying a gun, turning its red laser sight on and off, and moving the weapon around, prosecutors alleged Saturday.

Remember the WHITE guy from Iowa being charged with a felony for having a laser sight?



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I don’t know the details in this case but if the person was just showing a friend his gear than what was the crime? I don’t know about the laws against lasers there so can’t comment except to say why would it be illegal to have a device that might make it easier to hit your intended target instead of an innocent bystander? But agree the laws that do not violate the constitution do need to be applied equally to all.

@Jerzy you can still love the city while recognizing and calling out the stupidity and corruption taking place there🙂

I don’t think Chicago is serious at all about preventing gun crime.


Yes, in Chicago having a laser sight is illegal.


Yes I do.
At least I know there’s a corruption and I know the places to avoid.
There’s no pseudo-security like we have in other cities, where people think they are safe.
I know what to expect and be prepared. No surprises.

And City is a place, not people who rule it.
So again… yes, I love Chicago.

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I’m a country boy, I find all places with large concentrations of people a bit scary;)

But I’m sure there are plenty of great places and people there. If my rights to defend myself were not unlawfully denied in Illinois I’d consider swinging by for a visit:)


Yeap, I understand it.
I love Chicago as a City, I love to walk in Downtown, visit restaurants and bars. There are a lot of great parks. I love to sit down at the shore of the lake doing nothing…just watching the City.

But I also avoid to live there, I live on the western suburbs between people who still remember good old times…
Most of my live I was city boy, now I enjoy quiet place between trees, bushes, flowers, bunnies, cardinals, chipmunks, eagles and falcons.

I’m sorry that non Illinoisans are not treated fairly here.
I cannot complain. It’s OK if you live away from Cook County, Highland Park and Aurora.

Don’t take it personally, I hate Chicago and hate anytime I have to go there.
I was born in a corn field and God willing I will die in a cornfield (Not like the Spilotro brothers though)

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I cannot blame you.
Chicago is not my born city, but I spent some time here… I just love its atmosphere. This City has something valuable for me, and it doesn’t have to be how does it treat firearm’s owners.

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Been to chi town away back in time didn’t care for it much.very odd to me, had to look for a pay phone back in the day everyone I found had the receiver torn off. Drive 3 blocks very nice, drive another 3 blocks very bad. I’m pretty sure it’s not a swell place to live now a days.

I’m with @Shamrock , so to speak.
I grew up in the nice burbs of Cincinnati and then Columbus.
We moved to TX in 98 to get away from the cold, to a suburb of Austin.
What a bluecoat cluster that town is.
We moved very far out rural in 2007 and LOVE it.

No (less) mean people, lower taxes, no traffic, no bs. It’s WAY easier to live in Condition Yellow out here.

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I missed something here. Was there any racism in either of these stories? I noticed that of the two different arrest stories, in the USCCA post, there was mention of one of their skin colors, in capital letters. I had read about his story, but his skin color never even occurred to me. Then I read the second link posted herein, but did not notice that arrestee’s color in the article, but then again I could have overlooked it, my fault.

If both had lasers in a place where lasers are illegal (something I don’t agree with), then both broke the laser law. IDK, both separate incidences sound like they broke similar laws – And both were equally mentioned as a “felony” claim.

I could be wrong, I forgot if either article mentioned if outside of that arresting County, if both had otherwise legally owned their firearms and magazines. I am not sure I’d personally agree that it should be a “felony”, if they brought it in the County, but I don’t know the penalty.

However, personally, if I were part of a court, I would come down harsh on the person who ever turned his/her gun laser on in public. That’s vulgar, to me.

This might sound odd but my son told me today that he thinks Democrats are trying to get rid of guns because they’re still trying to disarm black people. I’m not that familiar with past events but it does make me wonder because the founder of Planned Parenthood intended to get rid of minorities she called “undesirables”. Margaret Sanger was NOT a good person. I’d say she was outright evil.