Chicago ccw holder shoots attacker at bus stop

Here’s an article that is on the USCCA app. I looked it up to get the expanded version. It says the woman won’t be charged. Here’s the crux of the matter, she was waiting for the bus. In Illinois, public transportation is gun free zone territory. It absolutely blows the theory of GFZ’s out of the water.



I’m glad she isn’t being charged and find it very odd that both the cameras on that bus stop “skipped” recording the incident.


I’m glad too that she isn’t being charged. But as it was also stated in the report people in Chicago need to be able to defend themselves from all of the gun violence that is going on in Chicago. And the Democrats in office running the city just don’t seem to want to do anything to stop it. Or to try to find a way to get the guns out of the hands of the bad guys. Instead they keep trying to find ways to keep LAW ABIDING CITIZENS from being able to defend themselves.

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