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What ever happened to the “three strikes, you’re out!” rule…


It hurt someone’s feelings


“He was trying to turn his life around” when he was arrested (in the near future) :man_facepalming:t4:


Well that all depends on the the definition of Three, the definition of strike(s) and the definition of rule. I don’t think the courts in Utah understand baseball terminology, around here, with 3 strikes you walk…


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As some are convinced on this forum, we need less prisons and less laws. This way, these poor unfortunate disadvantaged folks could live more equitable lives, become brain surgeons and astronauts.


I believe in Chicago, it’s 15 strikes. With a mayor that claims it’s all coming from legally bought guns in Indiana, and a prosecutor that won’t prosecute, Chicago is trash. I live a couple hours from Chicago, and would not go there if my life depended on it. The last time I was there was in 1993 when my son graduated from the art school there. and that was the first time in probably 10 years when we went to one of the museums for the last time. Such a shame that such a city is such a trash hole today.


I last was in Chicago in 2005. Seemed all safe good around downtown area, but my friend already told me he got mugged on the way to work. And a very insistent beggar wanted small bills in the Water Tower.

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I had looked at the crime map for Chicago before I went to a conference with my wife about a half-dozen or more years ago. The Loop area was not much better than the rest of the city. I kept my situational awareness on high alert when out and about. I did bring my knives and tactical flashlight, per normal when I cannot carry.

I had one questionable incident when walking around with my wife, but he stopped following and walked past when we stopped and I looked directly at him. I had asked my wife if she noticed a man following us, and gave a description, including the hat he was wearing. So I stopped and turned and told her to look. She did and stated she did not notice that man, and asked me when he began following us. I told her as soon as we crossed the road where he was loitering in front of a store. I told her what set-off my alarm bells was his not acting like the others there that were smoking or using their cell phones. He was surreptitiously watching people, but I noticed while I was on the other side of the street approaching him.