Carrying a Spyderco 3 in Blade

I know for the state of Illinois knife laws vary question if I travel to Chicago in the suburbs is a 3 inch blade legal yes or no do I need something smaller


Based on what is in the USCCA Reciprocity Map. In Illinois “You can own any knife you would like as long as it is not a ballistic knife or throwing star. Carry of a switchblade is legal with a FOID card. Automatic knives are in the gray area since they are activated by pressing a button, but balisong knives are legal. However, there are some areas (such as courthouses, public parks, public transportation) that are off-limits.”

I do not see any limitations on the length or special restrictions for Chicago. Have you tried contacting the Chicago Police Department to be sure?


Oh wow thank u so much I appreciate the helpful advice please have a wonderful day


Happy to help, Everette! I hope you are able to find a clear answer with the Chicago PD. Please be sure to post any information if you do get a response from them, for others to see!


I moved from Chicago about 7 years ago and as long as the blade is 4" or less you should be good, but if i was you I would do as Tim D advised, check with the thugs in blue first.

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I’d recommend to stay within max 3 inch blade.

(720 ILCS 5/21-6) (from Ch. 38, par. 21-6)
Sec. 21-6. Unauthorized Possession or Storage of Weapons.
(a) Whoever possesses or stores any weapon enumerated in Section 33A-1 in any building or on land supported in whole or in part with public funds or in any building on such land without prior written permission from the chief security officer for such land or building commits a Class A misdemeanor.

(720 ILCS 5/33A-1) (from Ch. 38, par. 33A-1)
Sec. 33A-1. Legislative intent and definitions.
(a) Legislative findings. The legislature finds and declares the following:
(c) Definitions.
(1) “Armed with a dangerous weapon”. A person is
considered armed with a dangerous weapon for purposes of this Article, when he or she carries on or about his or her person or is otherwise armed with a Category I, Category II, or Category III weapon.
(2) A Category I weapon is a handgun, sawed-off
shotgun, sawed-off rifle, any other firearm small enough to be concealed upon the person, semiautomatic firearm, or machine gun. A Category II weapon is any other rifle, shotgun, spring gun, other firearm, stun gun or taser as defined in paragraph (a) of Section 24-1 of this Code, knife with a blade of at least 3 inches in length, dagger, dirk, switchblade knife, stiletto, axe, hatchet, or other deadly or dangerous weapon or instrument of like character. As used in this subsection (b) “semiautomatic firearm” means a repeating firearm that utilizes a portion of the energy of a firing cartridge to extract the fired cartridge case and chamber the next round and that requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each cartridge.
(3) A Category III weapon is a bludgeon, black-jack,
slungshot, sand-bag, sand-club, metal knuckles, billy, or other dangerous weapon of like character.`
(Source: P.A. 91-404, eff. 1-1-00; 91-696, eff. 4-13-00.)

Unfortunately there might be few interpretations… but if you meet minimum standard, you are OK.


Yes I do understand

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Great work brother, you always seem to find the right info. :+1:t4:


Hmmm… it’s my understanding that the city of Chicago won’t allow anything over 2.5".

I’ll see if I can find the reference and update.

Edit: This is for the city, not the suburbs.

Edit 2: IIRC, there is a different restriction for the state (maybe 3") for carrying a knife on publicly supported land. There is also wording to the effect that any sharp implement, i.e. a broken piece of glass, can be considered the same as a knife if used as a weapon.


OK… I don’t know if the laws have been changed since these websites posted this, but (again this is within the city of Chicago, not the suburbs):

From: The Law Offices of Andrew Nickel, LLC

Chicago implements a 2.5″ length limit…


Chicago, IL (2.5-inch blade concealed carry limit, 2-inch blade limit for 18 and under, but minor cannot legally obtain any knife)

From: The American Knife & Tool Institute

The City of Chicago, for instance, prohibits the carry of any knife with a blade longer than 2 ½ inches.

To expand the ATKI quote on IL might be interesting to some:

City or County Ordinances Regarding Knives

There is no statewide preemption of local ordinances pertaining to the possession and carry of knives. Cities and counties in Illinois are free to enact restrictive ordinances. The City of Chicago, for instance, prohibits the carry of any knife with a blade longer than 2 ½ inches.


O I see that thank u for the important updates


Chicago is always home to me but I am glad I live in a city which honor our freedom


In the unforgettable words from “The Holy Grail”–RUN AWAY!


@Aaron25 , I like that but it hurts a little because the is my home state. :joy:

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I hear you, @Lu-Can. I’m originally from California!

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Lu-Can–it’s never too late to relocate.
My dad’s family was from there–so I get it, but most have moved out. Good news is–there aren’t a lot of places (if you avoid the coasts) you can go that are worse! LOL
And full disclaimer–Chicago is the millstone that drags the state into the toilet. Unfortunate. GREAT city for food, entertainment, urban warfare…


I have relocated to Tennessee but Chicago is always home to me. :joy:


My daughter attends grad school in LA so I have a Spyderco knife just for visiting her in Los Angeles—a Delica with a blade just under 3" :smirk: