Chicago Hospital Ejects Uniformed, On-Duty Cop for Refusing to Surrender his


What did the lone female security officer tell the cop to do if he surrendered his gun and then needed it while inside the hospital? “You will have to do like the rest of us, which is to run and hide.”

Thankfully, I don’t live in Chicago and I hope I never have to be in one of their hospitals.

On recent trips to the ER (for others, not me) here in Wisconsin, I’ve seen the firearms on the security guards at the doors and had to go through metal detectors. If I can’t carry, armed guards and metal detectors is the least the hospital can do to protect me when I cannot defend myself.


From everything I know about Chicago area hospitals and there are many of them; and I have been to most all of them in my working years to remove bodies from the hospital morgues to bring the body back to my Funeral Home. Most of these security guards are very nice people but there is that occasional guard that thinks he or she is a wannabe Cop and has an unhappy life because they cannot pass the police entry level test, or physical because of health or weight, or otherwise, or the psychological test so they become Rent-A-Cops and I have witnessed it for years that person just tried to boss the real police around is all and here we are talking about it today because they are not the real police is all.


I am ABSOLUTELY ok with this. Allowing government employees arms where I can not is the definition of TYRANNY. There should be absolutely no exemptions for government employees.

The laws which apply to me should also apply to government employees. Kudos to the security guard.

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I interviewed for security work at a couple chicago hospitals. Most dont have armed guards (some do), and I’ve never seen a metal detector in a hospital.


I get your theory here, in particular if it can be used as a lever to get the law adjusted to get US LAW ABIDING CITIZENS our rights restored, but this…

is ridiculous. For the most part, hospitals are not an optional destination - I’m going there because I really don’t have another choice, so I can’t pick a gun friendly environment instead. Given that’s the case, I’m not seeing that disarming on-duty uniformed officers is an advantage to my safety. “run and hide like the rest of us” is not an improvement in my safety.


Hahaha! Oh, the Irony; Yes it’s about time… I hope this happens more often to Law Enforcement Officers… This way Anti-2A Liberals can swollen words this entire Double Standard wholeheartedly. Now maybe LEO’s and Government Officials someday will realize how it feels to be a “Sitting Duck” They won’t tell their Security Details Teams to disarm themselves… They realize there’s a fundamental truth about a person in power and/or your average Joe not having the right to chose to be armed for safety…

GUN FREE ZONES put people like this in harm’s way… Where was the LEO’s or this women Security Detail? Oh wait they don’t care about us… If I was this women’s family I would suit donkey off this corporation. 1) For not properly positioning several armed security guards 2) Dismantling the 2 Amendments “Right To Bear Arms” 3) I would suit the City and University all in one…
My federal attorney would love this payday…


It is equally as ridiculous that We The People should have to run and hide as our ONLY means of defense. Sometimes that’s not enough. And I shall add a cops life is not worth any more nor less than my own. If I can’t defend myself, they can’t either.

And, yes it is a mechanism that should be used to effect change in the gun laws. I do not believe in gun free zones, but if there are gun free zones, there should be no exemptions because I also don’t believe in Tyranny.


No government agent would surrender a government issued firearm to anyone except the agency that issued it. That’s a huge no-no.

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No thing in the article to explain this statement:

“ stated that the policy set forth was even discussed with a Chicago Police Superintendent and the Mayors office”

This is a one sided story, Police Chief knee about. Let’s not forget the cop was on personal business and not part of his duties.

He was in uniform, though. Even if he was off duty and in plain clothes, it would be highly inappropriate to surrender his government issued firearm to anyone outside the issuing agency (police department).

The conversation about guns in hospitals or police vs civilian courtesies takes a bit longer. My only point here is that no police officer or other armed government agent would surrender their issued firearm to some hospital rent a cop, and the hospital is full of fools if they expected him to do so.

So their real policy is no armed police officers, until it’s too late. At least this story exposed their lunacy.

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A no gun policy should apply to all, equally and for same reasons. Why should govt employees have more flexibility in their security than anyone else? Sadly, in more places than not, they do.

I tend to favor this as well, or put another way, that citizens who enjoy 2nd Amendment protections should have access to the same arms that governments do. From that aspect, a No Gun policy should be applied equally, or not at all. I’m merely saying that the guard was a moron if she really expected the officer to hand over his service pistol. I’m allowing for the fact that she had a job and didn’t actually write the policy.


Preposterous, blatant stupidity.

How can you allow for something and then call the person a “Moron” for doing what the Mayor and Police Chief knew about? I tell you what, go to your boss and tell them you will not be follow the rules and policies. Let me know how that works out for you,

I said she was a moron if she believed that the officer would surrender his firearm to her. I have no way of knowing from the article what was going through her head.


I did not ask you about what was in her mind, she was following policy. A policy that was decided with the city and police. You insulted the female for doing her job and if the officer did not want to give up his weapon, then he could leave. Police do not have unrestricted access to private property

I didn’t insult anyone. I even took the time to state she was merely enforcing a policy that someone else wrote. But yeah, anyone who thinks police officers are just going to hand over their issued government firearms have no concept of how things work. That’s not an insult, that’s the definition of ignorance.


I agree. If I have to follow an unconstitutional law than so does everyone else… Hopefully it helps to open people’s eyes to the ridiculous laws that are imposed on people.

I do think Calling so one A “Moron” is not an endearing term.