CCW Trip to the hospital in a ambulance

You are in a traffic accident and your leg is broken. You are going to take a ride to the hospital in the ambulance. What do you do with your legal concealed carry weapon? Does it stay on you? Do you ask a police officer to remove it and secure it? Do you let the hospital deal with it? What is the proper procedure?
You are on the stretcher so walking and placing it in a lock box is not an option. I live in IL and duty to inform is not required by law here.


If you are in an accident the police would be there and believe it or not, they are on your side. You will not be able to take it with you so, talking to the LEO would be the step to take.


Thank You Todd30 I agree 100% Thought I would ask the question to make sure.


Good question ! It is what this community is all about. Washington State is set up the same way, we do not have to notify but, there are situations where it is proper and polite to inform. That would be for your protection as well as theirs.


I agree 100 percent to inform the police. They can safeguard your weapon. In cases where the patient is an off duty LEO the hospital may make an exception.


In all of my vehicles I have a cabled lock box large enough to secure both my EDC & BUG. There are times / places where I can not carry in the course of my day.
Assuming I am conscious I would un-cable it from it’s usual location &, hopefully, be able to take it with me. Failing that I would at least know they were secured during my absence.


What if you’re unconscious and can’t inform? What if firearm isn’t found until you reach the ER? I wonder what would occur. Would hospital turn weapon over to the police? Would the police check your belongings to see if you can legally carry or would you have to sort all that out after you have recovered?


Many paramedics and EMTs have training in how to render a firearm safe. They will usually do so and then turn it over to the police to be secured until you or your next of kin can retrieve it.


I’m sure that if you are unconscious and the firearm gets discovered in the ER they will turn it over to Law Enforcement for safe keeping.


This is why I make sure I don’t forget to bring my ccw permit with me. On couple occasions, I realized I didn’t have my wallet with me so driving and carrying without ID. U-turn.


MI has duty to inform. I do carry my ID and credentials separate from my wallet; in a chest pocket of my shirt. All to avoid potential exposure by not having to reach for my “main” wallet and inadvertently "advertising . If they’re carting you away in an ambulance LEOs will be there and be informed. I’d also let EMTs know as well; as a courtesy.


Get a receipt and business card of the police officer who took it.


One of my favorite Q’s, thanks!

Check out some of the priors, by typing key terms in “search”.

In a most un-gun-friendly town, nurse said, yes, we saved it in security for him. Weigh your options: Ask officer, ask hospital security, carry small-portable locking box in your book bag, some hospitals have safe’s in each room, you will be wheeled from room to room, you could be sedated later, stuff does get lost “some times”, do your pre-homework on this now.


As a volunteer Firefighter/EMT for 30 years I have seen a few occasions of this. One was a MC accident an ER Nurse and a Dr. were in traffic, and pitched in to help the victim. He was carrying a very nice Kimber 1911, cocked and locked in an IWB holster which they could has easily removed without taking the gun out of it. Instead the Nurse pulled it from the holster holding it like a dirty diaper, flagging nearly everyone on the scene. I took it from her, went over to the side of the highway, cleared it, and gave it to the State Trooper. The really disappointing thing was that he laid it on the hood of his car, a few feet from a big group of onlookers, any of who could have snatched that nice expensive 1911 and disappeared with it.
We tried after that incident to encourage training for responders in the safe and secure handling of firearms, but got a lot of resistance from the “risk averse” leadership.


Love it when people allow their fear of risk to make everyone less safe:(


I just did this for the first time ever. Had changed from pants to shorts and forgot to transfer the wallet over. Fortunately I live in a constitutional carry state so wasn’t illegally carrying but did have to turn around so I wouldn’t be driving without my drivers license.


Rendering a firearm safe and ensuring proper accountability and chain of custody was part of our training. It’s too bad your “leadership” wasn’t forward thinking. Firearms are getting more, not less, common in everyday contact.

Stay safe and smart out there, friend.


Yes, there is no duty to inform in Illinois. That said, I would tell the officer. He/she would be the most qualified to make sure the firearm is secured, most likely in a secure locker at the hospital, or taken to the local PD. When they get the leg patched up, retrieve your firearm.


My CCW permit is with my license. If my license is removed from my wallet, my CCW permit is present as well.


Good point. Mine is as well, they’re both right together.