Admitted to hospital ER while carrying

If while carrying legally, a person was brought to the ER after any event that brought you there, would ER care be delayed while the hospital staff found an appropriate LEO to disarm you and secure your weapon?

Perhaps a current hospital doctor or nurse would like to chime in here on actual hospital policy?


Well, it al depends! Ideally, if you are not taken to the hospital by EMS, you leave your weapon at home or with someone you trust.
If you are taken by EMS, EMS will usually not transport you with a weapon and they will usually contact the police to take possession fo your firearm.
The hospital will not generally treat you if you are armed. They even have police disarm police being treated.


So, to your knowledge, yes, care would be delayed… :frowning:

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If you walk into the hospital with your weapon it is unlikely they will treat you while armed.


My question assumed one would not be walking into it, but rather brought in by paramedics or their like. Not by conscious choice. Or even necessarily conscious…


EMS will likely contact the police to disarm you before transport.


A bit of personal history, April 3 2020 I was involved in a chain saw accident. I cut my left hand ring finger very badly. I had to take myself to the emergency walk in. In the middle of all of this I remembered I still had my weapon. When the Doctor came in but before the nurses entered I told the Doctor I had my weapon. The Doctor leaned in close and said “Let that be our secret”. now lets put this finger back together.
Here in my state firearms are not always black and scary.