Charlotte trying to be Chicago

Yes, I know that and is not my point. The Army isn’t meeting its recruitment needs to fill critical MOS’. Koo-do’s to the ppl currently serving. I served for six years. How are they going to meet those needs?

It’s very difficult to convince an 18-year-old to get shot at for less than minimum wage when a 16-year-old can walk on at McDonald’s and make $15-20 per hour flipping burgers.

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When I got out the retention NCO said: what are you going to do, flip burgers? I said, if I have to yes. He didn’t like that answer.

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NY shooting? You’re kidding.

A rapper? You’re kidding.

CLT to house him? You’re not kidding.

How is this possible? I feel like I can’t pee without creating drone footage through the skylight in today’s world.

They don’t know where they came from? Sounds safe. What could go wrong.

Another winner.

I love our news…

How does a person get to a point where there is nothing better to do with your time?

The social safety net has gotten so big you don’t have to get out and work anymore. Stay home in momma’s basement, get high, sleep all day then go out at night to shoot shyte up.

I started working at 16.


Charlotte is known as The Queen City. Ain’t no queen takin’ down tha king!