Charlotte trying to be Chicago

Years ago I heard politicians saying they want to make (destroy) Charlotte like Atlanta. These days, it feels more like Chicago.

Handsome fella making good life choices…


IMHO it all depends on the strength or weakness of your local PD.

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Looks like he could be doing an internship for Camala! Model citizen!


Gee what would happen if these turds never got to the PD alive ; oh but gee he was such a good little turd.

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In the article it says “Puckett believes the reason for so many shootings is that too many people don’t have enough respect for their fellow man or the system.”

Ya think?

Here’s a story about a guy who shot 2 people (One fatally) because he was served “too much mayonnaise” on his sandwich:


Praying that Charlotte will not become like my home town… What is wrong with these young peoples?


@Lu-Can >> More like what’s wrong with people, why is the human race becoming more destructive. And the frosting on the cake is our government. The tree hungers are concerned about Global warming and plastic in the ocean but it was ok for our Government to conduct Nuclear testing in the ocean and, destroying pristine islands. As I understand it to date Russia has tested a nuclear bomb in the ocean that was at least 100 times stronger than the bombs that were dropped on Japan and is the biggest nuclear bomb detonated on this earth in history.Yippee Skippy we are very close to being terminated.
A lowly ant colony lives in perfect Harmony, yet it’s unsafe for us to be out in public. I don’t get it, as I said before if everyone on earth pooled our knowledge and resources we could live in harmony and this earth could be a utopian civilization.
PS: It’s a struggle to have happy thoughts. Its getting to the point of putting on Horse blinders looking through these topics.
PSS: send more Messages to whoever your God is or what you worship because without divine intervention
Or some kind of help, We aren’t going to make it.

Vai a pezzi fratello
PSS: me after only a pet scan.

by by - all gone


So true brother, it is so painful for me to watch the news or even read about life as is is today. I am only 60 years old but I do still remember the beating we received as kids for doing things way less then kids or doing now a days. Even remember how my moms friends could spank our butts if they seen us misbehaving.

P.S. what happened to the saying, it takes a village to raise a child. Now a days the parents are scared of their own child less.


Kids don’t seem to realize that they’re building their own future.


Now a days they arrest parents and take kids away for raising kids the way we were raised.


So true I had unremembered that. :joy:

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I hope that the Charlota DA has the guts to put this guy on trial and that a “Jury of his Peers” gives him life without parole. We need to get these guys off the streets. Better yet, if the police can get there quick enough, end the shooting in a way where no further justice needs to be done. And where was a good CCW guy at the time?

I have lived in a suburb of Charlotte, NC, now for 17 years…the issue is not the police, it is the district attorneys and judges…since i have lived hear every month see news reports of felons with 17 arrests get release with no bail…charges dismissed…only murder seems to even require bail here, anything less and repeat offenders walk every time

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Use the wrong pronoun and lose your family, home, income, etc. Be a criminal, and roam free. Gotta love the new 'merica.


You really can’t make this stuff up…

Be careful of what you worship. Islam is a violent religion that seeks world domination. Bowing down to and kissing a rock isn’t going to help. Neither does does bowing down to a man make idol. I think it was the apostle Paul who said: have you not considered the wooden idol you worship? You worship and revere a part that is carved by human hands while you chop up the remainder and toss it on the fire. Is one piece of the wood more worthy than all the rest?

True piece and love can only come from the true living god that is love. But ppl will argue and fight to say it is their right to choose hell and celebrate dancing all the way to the fire. I’m not going to stand in their way. My job is to plant a seed only.

Follow your own advice, I’ve never kissed the ground or the ring, don’t intend to. I’m happy in what I Believe in.
PS: thou shall not have false gods before me.

Religions are violent religions. Always have been. Always will be. One of the worst things to happen to humanity and we’ll be better off when the last one dies.

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Now you are showing ignorance. Tell me the violence in love your neighbor or do unto others as you would have them do to you. What you are confusing are the things men do and what Jesus teaches.

Compared to: fight those who believe not in aloha and his messenger or jews and Christians are the worst of creatures. Direct quotes from the kango-ran.

I’m very careful of what I believe. However you telling ppl that worship idols it would do good when it won’t don’t make since.