CCW permit denied

I am up for renewal for my CCW permit in California. The governor ceased all permit applications for a month in May and will resume on June 1st with who knows how many more restrictions. I live in a room in a house. But because the owner pays all utilities, I do not have a utility bill to show residency. When I qualified two years ago, they accepted my passport bank statement, drivers license and phone bill. Now they’ve added utility bill other than phone. Any legal action I can take? Thanks Harold

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Sorry to hear all that man… My best recommendation would be to move.


Have you checked if lease agreement can be used instead of utility bill? You are not alone with such situation.


Thank you for your response. I’ll look into it.

Unfortunately for you your state doesn’t want you to own a gun (2nd Amendment be damned) and will use any technicality or stalling tactic to deny you that right. Beautiful State governed by a bunch of (insert your description here; ex: liberal asshats, ect) Short of moving to a more gun friendly state you’ll need to fight the uphill battle to get them to grant you your 2nd amendment rights and suffer the excruciating frustrations of their denials. Good luck…


Sorry to hear that my brother and I’m sure it will be given to you. You will find a way.

Switch water into your name?


Thanks for the moral support.

Do you have a cell-phone and does California consider it to be a utility?

Legal action? No.

Get to know them better in the office you’re working with. Be nice. Really nice. A personal chat with some mutual understanding of their pressures in processing a million other permits besides yours can go a long way to putting you to the top of the list. Unless you’ve become a criminal or ineligible in the last two years, it’s totally up to the Sheriff’s office and the handful of CCW dept employees in your locale.

If that’s not infringement, then I don’t know what is!
Escape, escape NOW!
You heard of the doomsday clock? November is an hour away.

No. because you could be living anywhere else and get the mail frim the address I live at. They will not accept phone statements. They don’t consider it a utility.

I just received a modification to my CCW permit Saturday in Calif. Don’t think this is a CA issue, but a local one due to backlog of so many new applicants.