CCW Permit Benefits in Oklahoma?

I live in Oklahoma and we have constitutional carry statutes that take away the apparent need for a CCW permit. However, people still get CCW permits. Does anyone know the reason?

Also, is it legal to conceal carry a weapon with one in the chamber in Oklahoma? I am getting a different opinion from everyone I ask. Some think that is the reason for getting the CCW permit. Some say it’s fine and there’s no need for the permit. Does anyone know for sure?


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It’s the same for me in Missouri. I do not have to have my CCW. But I got it for the purpose of carrying no matter what in all the states that allow with my permit of course. I have been asked a lot about why I wasted my time going and getting it because I didn’t need it. I said well that’s your opinion lol. As far as one in the chamber I know for me here I have never heard that.


I would think for reciprocity to carry in other states.

I don’t know for sure, but in checking the USCCA gun laws page, nothing is mentioned about it. I honestly would be surprised if carrying with a round chambered was illegal.


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Arkansas is also Constitutional Carry, which (in our case, at least) allows for either Open or Concealed.

The benefit of intrastate reciprocity that Joshua mentioned is one benefit of obtaining CC permit.
The other is that, in the event of being stopped by LEO, it is shown that you have already passed an extensive background check ( State Police in AR) and have had at least some training and explanation of the laws.
This could potentially take some heat off of a person. It also shows a legitimate reason that you may be carrying.

Michael - I would be interested to know if you have heard the Empty Chamber idea from something in print or, perhaps from some ill-informed individual(s). I have never heard anything to that effect, anywhere!

I would also like to add; I was sure proud of your OK Governor earlier this year, signing the bill that prevents Red Flag laws being passed at any level of gov in the state!!


Thanks for the response guys. Robert, I wasn’t sure about Gov. Stitt because he kind of gamed the system to get in. However, he has done some great things for 2a.

I’m fairly new to conceal carry, so I printed off all the statutes and am trying to understand how to stay within the law, whether it’s a strange law or not…lol. The specific statute is:

1289.13 Transporting a Loaded Firearm. Except as otherwise provided by provisions of the Oklahoma Self Defense Act or other provision of law, it shall be unlawful to transport a loaded pistol, rifle, or shotgun in a landborne motor vehicle over a public highway or roadway. However, a rifle or shotgun may be transported clip or magazine loaded and not CHAMBER LOADED when transported in an exterior locked compartment of the vehicle or trunk of the vehicle… punishment is 50-500 fine and 10 days minimum/6 months max imprisonment.

My interpretation is 2 fold. 1) Im not allowed to have my clip in my handgun at all while transporting my weapon. Which seems ridiculous and renders carrying kind of pointless…I’m probably wrong there, but I want to make sure.
2) I’m not allowed to transport any chambered weapon.

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What is the date of the document that this was pulled from?

If recent - This is what you want to dig into… See where it says “Except as otherwise provided…”? That’s your clue.

Even as VP of this states NRA affiliate, laws are so often written that it makes one wonder if someone doesn’t want you to know and I have often wanted to pull my hair out. It compounds the issue when a law is added/ changed and they fail to strike a portion of the old.

I’m not an attorney so … but here is my take on it. That’s almost word-for-word AR law reading. Here, it is understood that if a person is ‘transporting’ on the way to go turkey hunting, for example, the firearm must be unloaded. Transporting being defined as other than carrying. To carry unloaded would defeat the purpose of carrying.

This is probably something that you may want to bounce off of your Sheriff, a good attorney, or contact your state NRA affiliate

As AR law is written, if we have a CC Permit, we are not allowed to Open Carry because an old section of law was not stricken or reworded when we went Constitutional Carry. We are trying to have this resolved but, it takes some time. And this hasn’t been a good year to try to get things accomplished.


Yes, but the problem I’m running into is that there is no clear language that I can find that specifically counters the language in this statute. I’m not sure of the date of the statute, but the document I printed was from 2016 and then I went and printed the documents that outline the change that occurred with constitutional carry. The oklahoma defense act seems to specifically refer to the licensing process and the freedoms granted to people with CCW permit. It says from 1290-on is that act …I could be mistaken.

That said, thanks for recommending to chat with the Sheriff. I am actually meeting with the Sheriff’s Office this friday and I will bring it up.


Where did you find that? I wonder if your source is not up to date.

Based on what I could find, 1289.13 applies to rifles and shotguns only. I am not used to researching and reading Oaklahoma law, but check it yourself here:

According to 1289.7:

A. Any person who is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing a firearm may transport in a motor vehicle a pistol or handgun, loaded or unloaded, at any time.

B. Any person who is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing a firearm may transport in a motor vehicle a rifle or shotgun open or concealed, provided the rifle or shotgun is transported pursuant to the requirements of Section 1289.13 of this title."


Good research!


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Thanks everyone. I feel pretty good about it being legal to carry my weapon in a ready state. Im meeting with the Sheriffs office on friday and Ill just double check before I go doing this.

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@Michael726 Hey fellow Okie here. Reciprocity is the big benefit of the SDA carry license. When traveling either by yourself or with family it’s a nice thing to have. USCCA offers an app with the up to date reciprocity states.


Update: Spoke with the Sheriff’s office today, and they confirmed that the law doesn’t extend to my carry weapon. It is meant to prevent accidental discharges in cases where people are traveling with loaded firearms and get into an accident.

Thanks again for helping me sort this out everyone.