CCW Help: Moving from Utah to Texas

Hello all! Quick question. I will be moving to Texas (Austin area) from Utah. I currently hold a Utah CCW permit. I know Utah has reciprocity with Texas. Would there be any benefit to get a non-res Texas permit before I move, or wait until residency is established? Also would appreciate any tips you might have for the permit process in Texas. Thanks!


You should be able to apply for your Texas permit as soon as you move to Texas, @Jim14:

You can find that - and more detailed information on how to get your Texas permit here:

Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: Safe moving!


Hey @Jim14 ,
Welcome (soon) to TX. We are just west of Austin a bit in Johnson City. When you get here look me up for some chat, target practice and such.

I look forward to reading your posts!


Awesome, and thanks. We will probably end up around Buda, as my son is in Manchaca.


@Jim14 Welcome to the great state of Texas. I think you are going to enjoy it here…


Thanks! We are looking forward to getting out of the snow!


Very good! Thanks Dawn!


The Texas process is pretty straight forward. The first part you can do on line. Once that is done and paid for they start telling what you need next. You will have to go be finger printed and take a class. About three weeks after the class you will have a license. You might as well wait till you get you Texas drivers license because they use the information off of that to do the back ground check and print your LTC card… First one is good for 4 years and then every one after that is good for five. The whole process took me about 6 weeks. One word that might help on the drivers license part is if your wife, if you have one, changed her name when you got married she will need her birth certificate and a marriage license. She will have to prove she is who she was born as for a real ID.

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Great. That is what I was looking for. Thank You!

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Hello all! We are finally here and settled in in Texas. I am looking into getting the required training and getting my Texas LTC. Unfortunately, I have found that you need an appointment to get a Texas drivers license, and appointments are scheduled into March of 2020! My Utah CDL is current and active, but I am concerned that the reciprocity between Texas and Utah may invalidate my Utah permit due to my Texas residency. My initial response is continue to carry using my Utah CDL until I can get a Texas drivers license. Any comments? Also, I am told that I could apply for a non-resident Texas LTC, but a few instructors I have asked say non-resident permits have pretty much been placed on the back burner, and can take over six months to obtain?

Unless things changed since Covid you just go to the DMV, and stand in line till you get in. Don’t go when schools is out because it takes forever. Thursdays are best however. Also if you look for a DMV is a smaller country it can be faster. You have to get the car insured, Inspected, and the registration transferred. B ut that is easier than most places. You go to the county office to register the car not the DMV.Most auto shops inspect the car for 25-30 dollars. You need ID. A birth certificate, Utility bill and your old drivers license. If you are married you wife will need all of that and you marriage license to show how her name changed. If she was divorced she has extra steps. A marriage license and divorce decree for that as well. Anyway the drivers license is the last thing you do in the process. No test they just give you a 4 year license in place of your old one. So A. Insure, B. Safety Inspection, C. Register, normally at City Hall at the tax office. D. Go to DMV with all your Identity documents and wait till they call your number. Be there when the DMV first opens. Can take 2 to 4 hours if you don’t.

@Robert5 is pretty much on target. The DMV here in Blanco county never ever has a line. There is also a DMV in Dripping Springs, but they get medium busy. Austin, don’t even try. If you are coming out the Johnson City DMV, let me know and I can buy your “Welcome to Texas” lunch for you. :slight_smile:

You can take the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense class , and we add on the Texas Specific LTC stuff.
I teach the CCHD in Driftwood Texas and in Johnson City, both are relatively close to Buda. This course is far and above your standard Texas LTC minimal course that they do at like the local IHOP and include a buffet. The course would be for you and your family and friends only. No strangers all battling for range time to qualify.

Thanks gang…I may try the Blanco Co. DMV.

Hi Fizbin. Forgive my ignorance, but a search on the DMV site does not show a drivers license office in Blanco, County, Blanco City?

Humm, I thought I have gotten a replacement DL here down next to the court house. I know I have gotten my licenses plates for sure, every year. When we were back in Driftwood, I know we went to the Hays County DMV there in San Marcos and gotten them. Ahhh I just asked the wife and she said she got a Temp DL for our daughter about 3 months ago out here in Gillespie County. 20 min line she said. Afterwards you guys should do the big shopping and wine thing in Fredericksburg.

Thanks for the response! Yes, Hays county has a DPS office, but they also are booked until next year. I was just now successful in getting an appointment in New Braumfels this week!! Soon as I get my Texas DL number I will begin the LTC process! I will look up when you might be doing LTC training in Driftwood, as that looks doable from Kyle. Thanks!

It just popped into my head… “Appointment”? There are no lines anymore due to the Wuhan…
This is getting so freakin old!

Yep just hit me up when you want to get moving on it. We can of course do all the training CCHD and DSF1 prior to your DL, :slight_smile:

Will do…Thanks again!